Around the Bluhmin' Town: Never lose faith: Manuel is back safe and sound

Judy Bluhm

Judy Bluhm

Keep the faith! Never give up! Always believe!

Because just when you think the game is over, all is lost, things will never be the same, a small miracle might occur. And it gives us hope. Several weeks ago I wrote about my friend, Diane Wilson, and her visiting tarantula, Manuel. For over twenty years this hairy beast of the desert would migrate to Diane’s house, make himself at home and stay for about three or four months. Except for this year. Oh Manuel, how we anguished you!

He’s back! Yes, the big, old spidey sauntered up her driveway, through the cracked open patio door (for him especially) and then climbed on top of Diane’s washing machine, enjoying an afternoon nap. One year, we must remember, Manuel decided to crawl inside Diane’s big, Velcro hair curlers. Sleeping like a baby, imagine Diane’s shock when she goes to put one in her hair and finds a tarantula curled up inside! Perhaps a scream, but Manuel just walked indignantly away to find another “secret spot.” And so it goes. When you let a spider have the rule of the house, tiptoe carefully and be prepared!

Of course, nature is puzzling. Manuel should be getting ready to leave, not just arriving. Hey, buddy, where the heck were you? Do you realize how many folks were worried about you? Oh dear, if only he could talk . . there would be a story to tell.

I did have my own tarantula experience. Down in the barn, in the corner of a stall was a big, beautiful tarantula just sitting on the ground. Since my 1200 pound mare was close by, I thought I better relocate the furry arachnid to a safer place. How would I would I do this? So I got a lightweight shovel and gently placed it under spidey till he walked on. I took him out of the stall and he stared at me with big, black eyes and did not look happy. He didn’t looks so friendly like our Manuel.

Where would I put a big tarantula to be safely out of the reach of horses? Into the barn breezeway we go! Oh yea, like the spider was on an amusement park ride, I carried him around until he was carefully placed in the safety of the breezeway. He glared at me and then walked off the shovel and then climbed up the barn door, over the door and down into the stall and onto the ground in the exact same spot where he was before! In other words, do not mess with a tarantula! Evidently, they have a mind of their own.

Sometimes when we think we are helping, we are not. Other times when we feel an ending has occurred, we were wrong. And just when we think we have it all figured out, we realize that we haven’t.

The path home can be dangerous and long, but joy comes when walking through that open door. Welcome Back, Manuel!

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at

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