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Sedona Fix It Clinic set for Saturday, Oct. 12

Sedona City Councilor Scott Jablow looks ready for the Fix It Clinic, set for Saturday, Oct. 12, 10 a.m. at the Posse Grounds in Sedona. City of Sedona photo

Sedona City Councilor Scott Jablow looks ready for the Fix It Clinic, set for Saturday, Oct. 12, 10 a.m. at the Posse Grounds in Sedona. City of Sedona photo

You can finally take that broken VCR or pair of pants without a button out if the closet and get them repaired at Sedona’s first Sustainability Fix It Clinic.

A recycled brain-child of Sedona sustainability coordinator McKenzie Jones, the Fix It Clinic tops off her first year as coordinator of the new sustainability program in Sedona.

Jones has worked in the Sustainability program in Flagstaff for eight years and "recycleD" the Fix It Clinic from Flagstaff, which has done it since 2014.

The concept is that people bring their broken electronics, clothing and other items to be repaired to the Hub at the Posse Grounds on Saturday, Oct. 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“If you have broken items in need of repair, then volunteers will help you to figure how to fix it,” said Jones.

The sustainability coordinator said she has already lined up “fixers” who will come in and help people with their repairs. Some fixers are professionals and others just like to “tinker” with repairs, but Jones said they can always use more “fixer” volunteers.

People bring lamps, fans, electronics clothes, small motors, printers, bicycles, vacuum cleaners, children’s toys, But things must be small enough to be able to be carried or rolled in on a cart, she said.

The event will involve woodworking, sewing, electronic and small engine repair, she continued.

Jones said she’s found a lot of support for the council and community support for the sustainability program in the past year.

Council members felt strongly that they wanted an annual hazardous waste pickup, so Jones has implemented one.

Jones has also obtained a grant through Arizona Public Service to install electric charging stations for electric vehicles in the city hall parking lot. The stations will be used for the city’s vehicle pool as well as the public.

The city is also getting an electric car as soon as the charging stations are installed in October.

It will be the city’s first electric car, and Jones says the city will move toward more electric vehicles.

Jones said the city has spent a lot of time over the past year working on a municipality sustainability plan which will be finalized soon.

This will include energy use, water, waste, parks, pesticide use, transitioning the city fleet to electric and putting solar panels in the city hall parking lot.

Jones said she submits grants and has been successful with APS and their electric program grant.

She also partnered with Americorps to help have an intern authorized to help with the sustainability program for the next year.

One of the goals of the Fix It Clinic is to help keep things out of the landfill, Jones said. Part of the problem is that things are being increasingly made to be disposable.

“It’s reframing how we think about our things,” she said.

People have lost the ability to talk things out and meet people in the community, she said. That is important from a sustainability perspective.

Items that can’t be repaired will be turned over to a child’s section at the clinic where kids can take electronics and toys apart and see how they work.

Jones said people don’t’ how to fix things anymore and throw things out. If they repair things they save money also.

People interested in volunteering as a “fixer” at the Fix It Clinic should call Jones at Sedona City Hall at 928-203-5060 or

“I think we’ve forgotten how to do a lot of these really basic things,” she said, using sewing or electrical repairs as examples. “It’s empowering to realize how simple it is. Even if you don’t have a broken item, it’s fun to learn and see how people work on things,” Jones said.

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