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Business alliance to become Camp Verde Chamber and Business Alliance

John Smoley. VVN/Bill Helm

John Smoley. VVN/Bill Helm

CAMP VERDE – The Camp Verde Business Alliance had no plans to rebrand itself as the Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce.

But the Camp Verde Chamber and Business Alliance is a name the group’s board can live with.

That’s what Board Member Sheri Hauser said about the new name the group tentatively supported at its Sept. 24 meeting.

“After some research, the board settled on this name because it has chamber incorporated within the name but still retains the original name,” Hauser said.

But the name won’t be finalized, board member John Smoley said, until the board has received votes from more than half of its members.

“At our voting meeting, we did not quite have the quorum of members needed to make things official, but approval was overwhelming from those who did attend,” Smoley said.

Of the 20 voting members who attended the meeting, 18 voted in support, one against, one abstained. The board is reaching out to its members to send in their proxy votes on the new name, Smoley said.

“Sometimes it is difficult to get all members together as they are operators of active businesses, some of which conduct the majority of their operations in the evening,” Smoley said.

Alliance members can vote on the new name by emailing Sheri Hauser at or John Smoley

Members will also have a chance to vote for the new name at the alliance’s booth at this weekend’s Fort Verde Days event, Oct. 11-12.

Smoley said that once the group’s official vote is completed and the name is official changed, the alliance “can incorporate the new name into our website, printed materials, etc., and hit the ground running to expand business opportunities and become a dynamic promotor of, and advocate for, business interests already here and those interested in coming to our community.”

Smoley also said that the group hopes to officially announce the new name at its Oct. 28 meeting, to be held at the Camp Verde Community Library, located at 130 Black Bridge Road. At the October meeting, the alliance hopes to

CVCBA at its October 28 meeting “will do proxy votes for missing members to finalize our bylaws and new name,” Hauser said.

Timothy Remick, lawyer and alliance board member “has developed them according to federal standards for bylaws of a federal non-profit,” Hauser also said.

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