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Commentary: Litter-free America the Beautiful club

Mayor Charlie German

Mayor Charlie German

The North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition’s America the Beautiful club concept is a program of litter removal which is worth the effort and should be embraced by all as a quality of life issue.

There is time, effort and cost to this effort. However, name one project of a positive nature that does not involve cost, time and effort.

What is being implemented and achieved in North Carolina which has found acceptance and participation within the school districts is highly commendable and deserves support.

It is an effort which is being pursued in Arizona specifically in Camp Verde and the Verde Valley. Cleaning our roadways, streets, and highways is making a statement of how we value ourselves. Ideally, one would think the adults would avoid leaving trash behind or littering from their vehicles.

Curb appeal for one’s own home is important not only to that person and family but it is also very important to every one of the neighbors in that neighborhood and community.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has an Adopt-a-Roadway program in place. Volunteers commit to picking up litter along Arizona State Highways four times a year.

We are pursuing the effort to include our streets of Camp Verde through our local schools.

There are many benefits to a program like this, one of which is involving students in actually participating in a program of community service and civic responsibility.

Businesses can become a part of the program offering discounts and prizes to various groups and clubs which perform consistently and with noticeable effectiveness.

There are a number of us here in Arizona who watch with interest not only what is being done and pursued in this North Carolina concept but also the process by which it is being implemented with their school districts. Litter and trash removal is important to all of us.

No one should be content with squalor along our roadways. We cannot continue to rely on spending money, personnel time or other resources through our state and local governmental agencies to remove what individuals leave along the roadways, streets and neighborhoods.

It is my hope that eventually Arizona can become another state to embrace the actions taken by the leaders who have a vision for North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition and have agreed this is a good way to bring sustainability to their economic development and to develop and expand the sense of well-being, sense of pride and the realization of improved quality of life.

We offer our best wishes to the North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition and continued success, and we ask that you continue to share the details of your implementation of this very beneficial and worthwhile project in your state.

I also applaud those dedicated teachers and administrators who have embraced this project. As a former teacher and administrator, my hat is off to you all.

  Charles German is mayor of the Town of Camp Verde

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