Sat, Oct. 19

Editorial: Camp Verde should buy in on short cut to Cottonwood

Just like King Belshazzar in biblical times, sometimes you have to accept the handwriting on the wall.

For locals in Middle Verde, that means accepting the fact that the project now known as Verde Connect will indeed be a roadway linking Beaverhead Flat Road to State Route 260.

Despite all the bellyaching we’ve seen with this project, Yavapai County officials have yet to take a backward step in their planning for this new connector route.

Like it or not, it’s going to happen.

The protestors in Middle Verde should count it a victory that they prevailed in the battle to keep this road from connecting directly to Middle Verde Road. Instead, the current plan calls for the road to be a direct shot from Beaverhead Flat Road to the roundabout at Coury Drive on 260.

As for Middle Verde Road, the county has now thrown out two proposals to the Camp Verde Town Council to also allow for a connector road from the Verde Connect route to Middle Verde Road.

Call it a short cut, because that is exactly what it would be for folks who live in Middle Verde that commute to and from Cottonwood. Instead of looping back around to I-17 and then accessing either Cornville Road or State Route 260, residents would have a significant short cut to Cottonwood.

Some would consider that a convenience.

The problem with it all is that before the Camp Verde Town Council can weigh in on which of these two short cuts best serves the community, the council would have to first backtrack and undo its earlier resolution that basically said the town would have nothing to do with Verde Connect.

All of which makes one ask if Camp Verde’s original action in opposition to Verde Connect was a page from the book of knee-jerk decisions. After all, council members voiced opposition to Verde Connect even before a route was selected. And, as Mayor Charlie German admitted, at the “time the resolution came forward, [council] didn’t have a lot of information.”

But they still made a decision? C’mon folks, due diligence was sadly lacking on this one.

Go ahead and chalk one up in winning an important battle in keeping Verde Connect from directly linking with Middle Verde Road.

But now the county is willing to throw in a short cut to Cottonwood, courtesy of Verde Connect.

Which, by the way, is going to happen.

The handwriting is on the wall.

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