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TinyCamp a big deal in Oak Creek Canyon

TinyCamp in Oak Creek Canyon features five brand new tiny homes. Photo by Koz Mraz

TinyCamp in Oak Creek Canyon features five brand new tiny homes. Photo by Koz Mraz


TinyCamp project developer Darin Dinsmore and Sedona Mayor Sandy Moriarty. Photo by Koz Mraz

OAK CREEK CANYON -- Over the creek and through the woods, TinyCamp is tucked away near idyllic Oak Creek Canyon in Coconino County.

Tiny homes are the next big thing in luxury, sustainable energy-efficient housing and it’s here that Darin Dinsmore has created TinyCamp.

There are five brand new tiny homes that offer all the comforts of home. Between the Jacuzzis and beautiful views, there’s nothing small about TinyCamp.

The ribbon cutting brought the Sedona mayor and an army of curious to tour the property and marvel at the big fun packed into a small package. TinyCamp has been operating for several months and Dinsmore said that many clients are conscious of their use of resources and are choosing to seek out more sustainable lodging. Primarily he has seen couples and singles, although several families who want privacy of their own, yet expanse outside decking for group breakfasts or barbecues have booked the entire property.

Sedona’s first tiny house

Although TinyCamp is the first of its kind in Sedona, it’s not the first tiny home for Dinsmore. He worked with the Sedona Charter School to provide instructor housing on campus. In fact, that’s one of his missions, affordable housing for employees. Sedona is a prime example of a city where its civil and service workers struggle to find housing in the very city they work.

His second project is in Uptown Sedona. The original owner was going to cut down all the trees and build an apartment. The city approved Dinsmore’s project of tiny homes and tree houses keeping the integrity of the natural environment.

Dinsmore is an innovative and award-winning urban planner and landscape architect who has advised over 30 states and several countries. His mission is to transform communities, cities, and regions and inspire innovation in planning and sustainability. Helping communities to increase their livability and prosperity, reduce their ecological footprint and improve human and ecological health. His broader vision between green, small footprint vacation rentals and affordable housing can be seen on a CBS News special called The Grove Riverside CBS Video.

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