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Sedona Arts Center features mixed media, jewelry, fine art photography

Originally Published: September 1, 2019 11:26 a.m.

Sedona Arts Center represents over 100 local and regional artists in their Uptown, Sedona Fine Art Gallery year-round.

During the months of September and October, they’ll be highlighting four of their top mixed media, jewelry and photography artists: Bill Belvin, Art Hiscox, Joanne Hiscox, and Joan Roberts. Join us first Friday, Sept. 6, 5-8 p.m., for an opening reception, where you can meet the artists, art lovers, and art collectors, and take home your favorite work of art.

“The select group of talented fine artists speak for themselves!” exclaims gallery director Cindy Thau, “Creativity is in abundance from mixed media to photography to the handmade jewelry incorporating fine metals and natural designs.”

Bill Belvin 

Bill Belvin is a Sedona based fine arts photographer specializing in creating richly detailed images of the American Southwest wilderness. He loves capturing the patterns and symmetries present in sandstone and sharing the results with others.

Bill is a Fellow of The Casualty Actuarial Society and a Life Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. His background in computer science, mathematics, and statistics has served him well in dealing with the more technical aspects of photography. 

Art Hiscox

“My architectural art combines man-made materials with nature’s own art (marble, granite, slate, fossils).  My use of color, texture and resin compels viewers to actually touch the surface of my pieces.  I frequently use river stone, granite, marble, copper, shell, tree bark, semi-precious stones and fossils in combination with man-made materials to create functional art pieces that convey nature’s peacefulness.  Many of my pieces depict rivers, streams, landscape, birds and bright colors.”

Joanne Hiscox

“I love to create architectural art that blends nature with style, incorporating man-made mediums with nature’s own art.  My tables startle the viewer by juxtaposing natural elements (copper, semi-precious stones and fossils) with man-made materials, compelling the viewer to actually touch the surface (bringing in another sense besides sight).  My goal is to create sculptural art pieces that are new and different, constantly changing in design and material composition.  My sculptural fused glassworks showcase my strongest point: that I’m a “no-fear artist”.  Present me with a new challenge and I’m on board instantly.”

Joan Roberts

Roberts work in jewelry design has become a passion as she looks for new ways to create distinctive art pieces.  Joan’s designs are unique and one of a kind, inspired by elements from nature. Applying silver, gold, bronze and copper clay she portrays the organic essence of nature which provides the broad spectrum and uniqueness in her work. Added to this Roberts uses hand-beading, sometimes incorporating the Kumihimo method, to complete her necklace designs.

Sedona Arts Center is one of Northern Arizona’s most well-established cultural organizations and serves as the creative heart of Sedona. Founded in 1958, the nonprofit organization is based at the Art Barn in Uptown and offers year-round classes, exhibitions, festivals, and cultural events that enhance the creative life of the Verde Valley.

The Center’s Fine Art Gallery, open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., promotes the original works of over 100 local artists and regularly offers special assistance for collectors and art buyers, offers private studio visits, and fosters hundreds of arts education opportunities each year.

For more information, call the Gallery at 928-282-3865, the Administrative offices at 928-282-3809 or visit us online at SedonaArtsCenter.org.