Thu, Nov. 21

Busy summer for VOCA; thank you for dedicated service Nancy Shelley

Gwen Hanna
VOCA Board 
of Directors

Gwen Hanna President VOCA Board of Directors

It has been a busy summer at VOCA, with the golf course in full swing (bad pun intended), and the HOA administrative team busily transitioning staff as well as our systems.

The Finance Committee and VOCA Board have also convened several meetings to discuss strategies to address the results of our Reserve Study.

• The Reserve Study: The Board and Finance Committee have been diligently working over these past several months on the contents of the Reserve Study, and on August 20th, presented the findings at a VOCA Forum. This is the first of additional meetings as well as online information, that will be provided over the upcoming months.

This first session was very important in that the Finance Committee and the VOCA Board, wanted initial reactions, input, feedback, suggestions, and ideas -- critically necessary before anything is placed on the April 2020 ballot.

For any VOCA member who missed the presentation, it has been converted to PDF format and posted on the VOCA website in the member section.

A document to address frequently asked questions, is also posted online.

There will be plenty of other opportunities for addressing VOCA member questions and getting input. The Board and the Finance Committee will also be accessible for conversations and discussions with collective or individual VOCA property owners.

• Administrative staff transition: Our very own Nancy Shelley, who has worked in our VOCA office for over 12 years, retired from her duties at VOCA as of August 2nd.

Although we will no longer see her in the office, she has promised to stay in touch. Being part of our VOCA community, she is already a member of the Activities Committee, and has indicated that she may volunteer on some of our other committees.

We would like to thank Nancy for her dedication and hard work and look forward to seeing her around in a different capacity.

• VOCA Activities: Our Activities Committee recently hosted a late afternoon with Ted Grussing, who presented his amazing photos and shared the stories behind them.

Our Community Center ballroom was packed with an audience expressing ooh’s and ah’s, at his majestic photography. This, as well as several other events, will be hosted this year at VOCA.

These social functions are open to all members of our community, not just VOCA. Future events include a Sedona Film Festival Movie/Dinner night, a photo gallery presentation by Greg Griffin combined with a food drive, a tentative wine on the patio evening, and our New Year’s Eve Party (let’s hope we don’t get snowed out this year). Please be on the lookout for announcements and come join the fun.

Monsoons have been minimal this year, let’s hope for a little more rain, and then a cooling of our temperatures as fall approaches. Happy football season.

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