Thu, Nov. 21

Carolyn Fisher assumes vice president's role for Big Park Coordinating Council

Marc Fuller

Marc Fuller

In opening this month’s update, I want to thank Pastor Jim Cunningham for his service as Vice President on the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council and truly regret his resignation. His efforts and service on the BPRCC Board will be missed.

Thankfully, I am reassured his efforts in our community will continue. Additionally, my appreciation to Carolyn Fisher for being willing to become our Vice President for the balance of the year. Carolyn’s service in behalf of the Council is lengthy and always well respected. Thank you, Carolyn.

August 21st was the scheduled date for the Yavapai County Supervisors’ hearing of the application for the Hilton Garden Inn rezone application for the tract at the corner of AZ SR 179 and Jack’s Canyon Road. That hearing has been rescheduled to November 20th.

Yavapai County’s effort to assure that all public notifications were fully done so as make sure that all interested parties could be aware and participate in the review process is commendable. That noted, in regard to the Hilton Garden Inn application the County found that a requirement publicizing the application in the Prescott paper had been missed. Although the notice had been published in the Verde Valley paper, it is still required to be published in Prescott.

This meant that the notice needed to be correctly published in Prescott which reset the hearing schedule for the County Supervisors. Because of previous commitments and travel schedules for both the supervisors and applicant, the soonest subsequent date that all the supervisors and the applicant could be in attendance in Cottonwood is the November hearing. While this is an unfortunate and lengthy delay, it is very important that all requirements for public notice of hearings be followed. It is reassuring that our Yavapai County officials also share that perspective.

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