Thu, Jan. 23

‘Tourist’ market should concern folks in Rimrock


When we consider that Clark’s Markets are located in places like the Village of Oak Creek, Telluride, and Aspen, Colorado, just to name a few of the neighborhoods which offer services to tourist areas, a guy has to wonder why would the corporation want to build such a posh market in lil’ ol’ Rimrock. I do.

Certainly, not all of the folks living in the area - about 1/5th of the population is at the poverty level who use public assistance - can afford to shop at the proposed market just as easily as the tourists in the above-named cities/towns do or that we as residents population can.

It does cause some concern for some here about Clark’s prices and in the July meeting, a question was posed if the prices would be as high as they are in the Village.

One of the residents asked at the July meeting about the prices since our neighborhood is not the up-scale kind as the VOC.

Some of our neighbors, who are at poverty level and must budget accordingly, do better for themselves when they can go to the food bank and then do some shopping at Bashas’ for groceries they need that are/were not available through St. Mary’s Food Bank.

I am sure they would buy some things at a Clark’s occasionally. Clark’s Market does honor food stamps and EBT cards.

Is Clark’s going to be an influence to bring tourists to visit the Well, Montezuma Castle, Jerome, open spaces for vacationing four-wheelers, ATV’s and an abundance of hiking trails, etc. which might eventually turn our area about what used to be called, ‘the best-kept secret in AZ to become a tourist attraction by some unwitting design of some of our well-meaning folks who are wielding some influence?

Some of our residents feel uneasy that it is the writing on the wall for our community.

Also, some cautious residents are speculating that we shall see more AirnB&B’s, etc, slowly easing us into becoming a tourist area.

Could it eventually leave the low-income folks without affordable housing pricing them even out of Rimrock?

If the proposed market were not planned across the street from me, I would welcome it for making some quick stops.

I would welcome a reputable market like Clark’s in our area but not on the proposed location which will make for a lot of confusion for the traffic on Beaver Creek Road also, which would need some control to enter and exit the parking lot.

So because of the health threat it would pose from the pollution from the parking lot and added traffic on Valley Vista Road, the street that runs behind the facility with its fumes wafting onto our porches and inside the dwellings - a residential area already plagued by speeding drivers, I am among the public opinion who say ‘No’ to the Market because I shall continue to be content to go shopping where I go now.

Dorcas Gerace


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