Mon, Feb. 24

Letter: Any bets on how long angled parking will last this time?


I see that the city has proposed to institute head-in angled parking in Old Town Cottonwood. This will provide 18 additional badly needed spaces.

Since the 1920s Main Street through Old Town has been too narrow, and there is no practical way to widen it.

Looking at historical photographs (most dated - a few guesstimated by the make and model of the automobiles) shows that parallel parking was not always the norm.

Prior to 1920, there did not appear to be any rhyme or reason to Main Street parking, but there was much more space then than there was automobiles and trucks.

During much of the 1920s, there was angled parking on one side, and parallel on the opposite. From 1929 to 1933, it was back to parallel on both sides. Angled parking on both sides was reinstituted in 1941, and lasted through the war years. We have had parallel parking since 1947.

The route through Old Town became State Route 79 (Prescott to Flagstaff) in 1927, and U.S. Highway 89A in 1941. It reverted to the State as SR 89A in 1993. In 1978, the route through Old Town was abandoned, and most traffic moved around Cottonwood via the By-Pass Road.

Before this change, Main Street was improved and widened for most of its length, but it was not possible in Old Town.

Most of these periodic changes were made by Yavapai County with the assistance and advice of the Cottonwood Progressive Association. Early business owners made up this predecessor of the Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1960. this has been the City’s responsibility. In the past couple of decades the City of Cottonwood has done a good job of expanding parking with the limited space available.

Any bets on how long angled parking will last this time?

Donald E. Hahn, Cottonwood

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