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Gaetano’s ‘Sedona Bolero’ filled with fiery Spanish guitar infused with sweet romantic ballads

Originally Published: September 21, 2019 5:38 p.m.

Flamenco guitarist and singer Gaetano was originally raised in Seville Spain. As a boy growing up in Andalusia he learned to play flamenco; the passionate music of the gypsies.

His wife, Erika Delgadillo collaborates and shares her stories and her voice singing the salsa and boletos of Cuba, and the deep rich rancheras of Mexico and Central America.

Their second CD Release “Sedona Bolero” is filled with fiery Spanish guitar infused with sweet romantic ballads. It is an uplifting journey from Spain to the Americas with musical overtones of Latin Jazz, Rumba, Bolero and Salsa.

Superbly recorded, mixed and produced at Montecito Studios, Sedona Bolero captures every detail of Gaetano’s exquisite guitar stylings and vocals. Whether Blended with jazzy fretless bass guitar, trap kit, cajon, ukulele and flute, Sedona Bolero takes you a musical journey through Latin America.

Percussionist(s) Adriel Zang and Clay Frankel ensure high energy and rhythmic grooves. Patrick Ki: Ukelele, Monte Perrault: Guitar, Mario Mendivil: Bass, Max Perrault: flute, Ionnis Gouldelis: Piano and Accordion and Adrian Goldenthal: Bass.

You can catch Gaetano and the Bolero Flamenco Ensemble live at Tlaquepaque Arts Village every Sunday Monday and Tuesdays Evenings in front of El Rincon restaurant.

Tracks Include: Barrio Gitano – Rhumba Flamenca, Que Alegria Latin Jazz, A Cuba Me Voy – Guajiras, Lleva Me – Latin Pop, Viento – Bulerias. Rio Dilce – Salsa Rhumba, Adelpha – Cha Cha, Llego a mi Havana, Chabuca Limena - Waltz, Pena en mi Corazon – Tango Flamenco, Sol Y Luna - Bolero, La Verdad – Guitar Ballad, Luz Del Alba - Romantico.