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Mountain Trails Gallery presents ‘The Colors of Autumn’

Originally Published: September 29, 2019 7:35 p.m.

This time of year brings out a beehive level of activity and excitement in the arts community as Sedona celebrates the season with festivals, fairs, studio tours, and shows.

It is especially magical for landscape artists who are drawn outdoors by the changing light’s sparkle of a new season as they direct our awareness to this bountiful season of beauty.

Artists such as Bill Cramer, Betty Carr, Howard Carr, Gregory Stocks, Marcia Molnar, Linda Glover Gooch, Joshua Been, Michele Condrat, Adele Earnshaw, Joe Garcia, Susie Hyer, Simon Winegar, and a host of other award-winning painters bring out their brilliant creations that have captured the majesty of the rich, warm colors that give the land its unique glow.

Mountain Trails Gallery is proud to showcase these remarkable works of art in a special exhibition “Vibrant Expressions: The Colors of Autumn” which opens with a reception on Friday, Oct. 4, 5-8 p.m.

Many of these artists participate in the area’s special art events and keep their pallets active with plein-air as well as studio paintings.

From camping at the Grand Canyon to setting up creek-side, the artists share inspiration in their search for the essence of beauty. Marcia Molnar, Bill Cramer, Joshua Been, Linda Glover Gooch, and Michele Condrat find a charged sense of purpose as well as solace in their Grand Canyon experiences.

It is a profound dedication to their art as well as a sense of discovery that drives the passion to share the experience with others.

Molnar draws from wide ranging experiences from Arizona ranches, to the Grand Canyon, to New York City, “Perhaps it is being immersed in a life force so different than my own that leaves a lasting memory of light, movement, and color.

A random experience has the power to evoke an emotion and then become a painting.” Cramer is pulled by his love of rock climbing and the variety of unusual vertical perspectives from the West.

He always shares his excitement of discovery, “Any landscape worth painting is more than the obvious visual elements. The push of an evening breeze, the feel of sun baked sandstone, the scent of sagebrush or the sound of a raven suddenly overhead are examples of the many unseen elements that inform my work. I’m satisfied when a painting is as rich as the landscape that inspired it.”

Betty Carr, Howard Carr, Susie Hyer, Simon Winegar, Adele Earnshaw, Joe Garcia, and Gregory Stocks all bring a sense of wonder as they capture a spectrum of color and light in their paintings. Adept plein-air artists, these intrepid travelers are always bringing us into their world.

Whether it is an uncharted field in the West or a garden in France, these artists create a feeling that brings the viewer in there with them. Betty Carr speaks about her inspiration, “What catches my eye is the effect light has on form in unique situations, whether fleeting, spilling over, or striking. I challenge myself to capture its dramatic and often subtle effects. I strive for confident enthusiastic brushwork, the maximizing of color’s value and intensity range, as well as a fresh painterly approach, with the result hopefully appearing effortless.”

For artist Gregory Stocks, his intention differs but the result is also painterly and colorful. A sense of familiarity in his idyllic settings invites the viewer to become a part of the panorama or perhaps return to a feeling of being home.

It has been said of Stocks’ work, “In a light, fast pace he lays down bold, flat-edged brushstrokes using rich earth tones. His style is stark, with a clean, contemporary feel. His scenes are a combination of memories and imagination intended to relate not so much a place, as a place in one’s heart and emotions.”

All these artists and more bring this festive season to life as Mountain Trails Gallery celebrates with artists, art lovers, and visitors from all walks of life at their reception on First Friday, Oct. 4, 5-8 p.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery is located in Tlaquepaque, upstairs Suite A201 overlooking the Patio de las Campanas, 336 SR 179, Sedona. www.mountaintrailssedona.com fineart@mountaintrailssedona.com.