We may be isolated, but we are in this together

Social Isolation. Continues. The self-quarantine of Americans goes on with unexpected outcomes. Just looking at social media, gives us a snapshot of exactly what our neighbors, friends, family and fellow citizens are up to while staying at home.

Cleaning. Yep, that oven has been neglected, the countertops need disinfecting and windows might need washing.

Why stop there? Take all the bedding off and wash it. Those drapes need it too! Nothing like getting serious about house cleaning. Come to think of it, my mother was of the mind that “Spring Cleaning” was next to Godliness and every March or April was the time to “get closer to God.”

Organizing. That “junk drawer” needs attention. I went through mine and found a package of gum (we don’t chew gum}, a missing bottle opener, a dozen pens that no longer have ink and post-it notes that are like clues to a story that cannot be deciphered. Closets need to be de-cluttered and my husband, Doug, even organized the garage. Now that is epic.

Cooking. As one post on social media reads, “We might survive the coronavirus but be twenty pounds heavier.” So true. I bought a Romertopf clay pot just before the social isolation and have tried so many new recipes that I feel like I am running a test kitchen. The cooking never ends! My girlfriend gave me a recipe for biscuits made with mayonnaise and they are the single best thing I have tasted in a while. I must “social distance” myself from the kitchen or this won’t end well.

Phone Calls and Video Chats. Families are talking numerous times throughout the day to “check in” and commiserate. “What are you doing today,” has become the new “hello.” We watch grandkids working at crafts, teenagers learning embroidering, and families singing and playing instruments together. The list of goofy and wonderful things we are seeing, doing and sharing is helping us stay connected.

Work. For those in a forced “break,” it is time to plan, catch up on paperwork, keep up with the business news and communicate with clients. For those who are exhausted and overworked, we support you, pray for you and give thanks daily. We want to help.

Games. Yes, that old Monopoly game has been dusted off and set up on the dining table. An entire new generation of kids have become fans of the game that brought us Boardwalk and the thrill of passing “Go.” Money is funny, until you start running out because you are stuck paying taxes (familiar?) or can’t afford those steep rents. Nothing like a good board game to teach math and bring a family together!

Pets. Our doggies are thrilled that they get so many walks and time with their “hoomans.” Cats? They wonder why we have invaded their space.

Prayer. My minister said that when we wash our hands, we should recite the Lord’s Prayer (it takes about 20-25 seconds). And with that, we are accomplishing two great things. Amen.

Dear Readers, this too shall pass. We may be isolated, but we are in this together.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor. Have a story of a comment?

Email Judy Bluhm at judy@judybluhm.com.

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