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Commentary: Do not let fear dictate your life during pandemic

Yavapai County Supervisor Randy Garrison

Yavapai County Supervisor Randy Garrison

We are currently under the grip of what can only be described as the worst weapon ever used against the human race, and that weapon is fear. Some will use this weapon to create support for shutting down all forms of social interaction. Others will use it to complain about government overreach.

Guaranteed, we are not all going to agree on how we move past this threat to create our new normal, and fear will play a strong role in that discussion as well.

Regardless of how we prepare to work our way out of this crisis, keep one thing in mind, things are going to change. Our world is going to look just a little different. But know that any decisions made will take into account the health and safety of our communities, both our citizens and our economies.

These decisions will be fully based on the use of science and data, politics will have no voice in those discussions. And most important of all, actions can only be successful if we continue to follow the practices we have put into use as we continue to work through this event, and that is through cooperative effort and shared responsibility.

These recent events have unfortunately come at a high cost, and we continue to lose lives as a direct and indirect result of this virus. We feared that there would be casualties within our most medically vulnerable groups, but I did not fully comprehend the impact this would have on our mental health population, or those who have been living on the very edge of their abilities.

Unfortunately those loses have begun to outpace the casualties we are experiencing directly from this terrible health threat.

Once again, remember to take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Please continue to take time out of your day, whenever possible, to check in on your friends and neighbors.

There will be a brighter tomorrow, and hopefully through this we will come to understand the need to slow down, live fully, and appreciate those around us as well as those parts of our lives that really matter.

Be mindful, stay safe, and thank you for being part of the solution.

Randy Garrison is the District 3 Yavapai County Supervisor.

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