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Shelter at home with latest screen offerings from Sedona Film Festival, Mary D. Fisher Theatre

"Phoenix, Oregon" is “the sort of movie a lot of us need right now," said Joe Leydon of Variety.

"Phoenix, Oregon" is “the sort of movie a lot of us need right now," said Joe Leydon of Variety.

Originally Published: April 28, 2020 8:49 a.m.

With the Mary D. Fisher Theatre temporarily closed, the Sedona International Film Festival is proud to present “MDF@Home”!

“We are excited to collaborate with some terrific distributors to bring a bit of the Mary D. Fisher Theatre experience to your home,” said festival director Patrick Schweiss. “We are partnering with them to bring you several new indie films still in their theatrical release window and now available for you to stream at home from the best seat in your house!”

Best of all … you can watch alone or with more family members for one low ticket price. For each title, a portion of all sales will benefit the Mary D. Fisher Theatre and Sedona International Film Festival.

Here is a list of the current MDF@Home offerings. Visit www.SedonaFilmFestival.org for details and information on how to order the film screenings.


“Driveways” played to rave audience reviews at the recent Sedona Film Festival and stars the late Brian Dennehy. This encore virtual screening is lovingly dedicated to his memory.

Kathy (Golden Globe-Nominee Hong Chau), a single mother, travels with her shy eight-year-old son Cody (newcomer Lucas Jaye), to Kathy’s late sister’s house which they plan to clean and sell. As Kathy realizes how little she knew about her sister, Cody develops an unlikely friendship with Del (Golden Globe, Tony winner and longtime acting legend Brian Dennehy) the Korean War vet and widower who lives next door.

Over the course of a summer and with Del’s encouragement, Cody develops the courage to come out of his shell and, along with his mother, finds a new place to call home.


Also a hit at the recent Sedona Film Festival, “The Dog Doc” is making a return for virtual screenings for your enjoyment.

A founding father of integrative veterinary medicine, Dr. Marty Goldstein and his colleagues in South Salem, NY have created a mecca for holistic care, offering hope to scores of previously hopeless animals (and their owners). Combining conventional medical training with cutting edge alternative therapies, Dr. Marty’s deeply empathetic philosophy offers a vital example of how improving overall health rather than merely treating disease is transformative for all living things.

As Goldstein and his staff interact with animals, the stakes are high and it is often touch and go as we watch the owners, some who have traveled great distances, struggle with the reality of whether or not their pets will live to see another day.

“The Dog Doc” poses a serious question about whether we are over medicating our pets, our children, and ourselves, while offering an immersive view into a seldom seen world to paint a complete picture of the dedication and joy of being a veterinarian.


In the early seventies, the world was watching as Chile democratically elected Socialist leader Salvador Allende. His political ideals and aspirations—among them providing education for all children and distributing land to the nation’s workers—terrified the country’s right-wing, as well as the U.S., who helped orchestrate a military coup that replaced him with dictator Augusto Pinochet.

This tragic history has been well documented, but Italian director Nanni Moretti (Caro Diario, Ecce Bombo) adds an angle many viewers may not know about: the efforts of the Italian Embassy to save and relocate citizens targeted by the fascist regime. Told through the testimonies of those who were there, Santiago, Italia is a chilling depiction of living under junta rule and an ultimately inspiring expression of hope amidst dire circumstances.


Who doesn’t like bowling and pizza? Old high school buddies mired in the midlife blahs, Bobby and Carlos do the math and decide to take the leap, reopen the local ten-pin alley, throw in Carlos’s world famous pies, and get back on track.

This gentle, affectionate US comedy features indie stalwart James LeGros (Drugstore Cowboy; Certain Women) and Lisa Edelstein (House) in a simple, relatable story about ordinary folks trying to reclaim their best selves.