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Mingus School School Board candidate Anthony Lozano

Anthony Lozano

Anthony Lozano

Anthony Lozano

• Age: 75

• Years in Arizona: 75

• Government Elective and Advisory Experience: Current Mingus Union High School District board member, former Clarkdale-Jerome School District board member.

Verde Independent: Why do you want to be on the Mingus Union School Board? Are there any specific issues that caused you to seek this office?

Lozano: My interest to serve on the MUHS Board is not a new goal. Since 1983 I have represented the voters in two districts.  Approximately 20 years were served on the Clarkdale/Jerome School Board. By Dec. 31, I will have served eight years on the Mingus Union school board. As education is provided for our young adults, a variety of considerations must be addressed so that we are doing what is best for our students.

VI: What do you like about Mingus Union School District? If elected, what would you like to change?

Lozano:I know that our classified staff and our certified staff work to provide an educational environment for our student body to pursue their goals and dreams. Change will take place as the MUHS Board decides that it’s in the best interest of the students.

VI: If elected, what do you believe would be your greatest responsibility to the district’s students, families, teachers and administration?

Lozano:My responsibility is to represent the voters, taxpayers, parents, students and teachers. The stockholders in our education system need positive representation in the multimillion-dollar business of education, to which they provide the funds. With respect to administration, we must follow statutes and policies. This must be done with fairness and honesty.  

VI: What would be your greatest responsibility to your taxpayers?

Lozano:Taxpayers provide funds for our school budget. Therefore, the funds must be monitored to do what is required and at no time can misuse of funds or waste be allowed. Statutes and policy must be followed with no excuses. 

VI: In November, Cottonwood-Oak Creek, Mingus Union and Clarkdale-Jerome voters will decide whether the Cottonwood-Oak Creek and Mingus Union school district should consolidate into one unified school district. What is your opinion of the proposed merger?

Lozano:My opinion on the merger brings up the following concerns:

-Where is the strategic plan?

-What will taxpayers be responsible for?

-Will the merger benefit our students?

-Where is the verification that a merger will provide representation for all elementary, middle school and high school students?

I do not believe that a merger is needed. The opinion that matters is the decision the voters make in November.

VI: What do believe are the most important issues facing Mingus Union and how would you deal with those concerns?

Lozano:The health of our students during COVID-19 is the most important issue. How do we provide the best education during this time? This is in the hands of the federal, state and county governments, and the school boards.

VI: Over the past year, various Verde Valley school districts have considered offering an elective course in the Bible. Should Mingus Union consider offering a class in the Bible?

Lozano:I believe this has been decided by the separation of church and state.

VI: Mingus Union’s current budget override will expire June 30, 2025. Do you support asking voters to continue funding this budget override?

Lozano:The budget override that has been provided for the Mingus Union High School District by the voters is an investment for the education of our students. I will support the board’s decision to ask for voters’ support.

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