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"The Clemenceau Christmas tree entertainment, under the auspices of George Kingdon, general manager of the United Verde Extension Mining Company, was staged Thursday night on the plaza with great success. A large spruce tree stood by the band stand, lighted by many colored lights and decorated in true Christmas style. Cars were lined up in a solid semicircle around the square, and scattered over the grounds were steel wheelbarrows loaded with burning logs, with a little group of spectators by each fire. The Clemenceau band took its place in the center band stand and opened the festivities with the stirring 'Normal' march followed by a series of Victor band pieces."

"There was an exceptionally fine musical program. Not only the band, but a chorus, which sang many Christmas anthems and several soloists assisted. The first trumpet gave a solo with piano accompaniment, "Holy Night.'"

"Other selections by the Clemenceau band were: 'Mr. Joe,' one-step; 'Prospect,' march; 'Bethlehem,' Christmas anthem; 'Flashlight,' march; 'Indian Boy,' fox trot; a Greek hymn, and 'Valencia,' a beautiful Spanish fox trot."

"Director Navarro deserves great credit for the excellent band which he has developed. Starting 18 months ago with entirely green material, he has developed one of the best bands in the state. At the time the band was organized there were only two of the members who could read music at all. The Clemenceau band is an asset of which the community can be justly proud."

"A more colorful and beautiful Christmas entertainment than that given last Thursday night at Clemenceau can hardly be imagined. The 'Operetta Minghe,' a new Victor selection, was rendered with a technique which would have done credit to any professional band and every number of the entire program was delightful. Srita. Concepcion Navarro, accompanied with the violin in all of the choruses, and Miss Amy Kite at the piano. Miss Mary Shanahan gave a delightful solo rendition of 'Holy Night.' The quartet, Mrs. M. O. Dumas, Mrs. R. H. Chantiel, Henry Preiteri, and F. J. Reeve, pleased the audience with several Christmas hymns."

"A FINE SERVICE: The traditional midnight mass at the Roman Catholic church was even a greater success than usual. The church was crowded to the very limit of capacity and the service was beautifully rendered, the work of the fine choir being especially commendable. Mrs. Harry Mitchell, the directress of the choir, and organist John Vicerina, are to be congratulated on the wonderfully fine service presented."

"A QUIET HOLIDAY: The police records show that Jerome was altogether on its good behavior during the Christmas holiday. Of course, there were a few arrests of people who had looked too long and too lovingly on the hooch and there were one or two incipient fights, but generally speaking, the town was quiet and its peace unbroken."

"Temperatures of 26 degrees below zero are reported from the north rim of the Grand Canyon." ... "At Flagstaff last week, the thermometer went to 20 degrees below zero, said to be the lowest record for several years. Over a foot of snow fell in the northern counties of the state."

"PLENTY SLIPPERY: Flagstaff is installing a great toboggan slide --- but nature furnished a couple for Jerome on Sunday afternoon. Cars were doing stunts on Main Street opposite the Hotel Jerome and down by the hogback corner that would make the finest toboggan ever made ashamed of its poor performance. Luckily there was little damage and nobody was hurt as the cars skidded and slipped around the corners."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, December 28, 1926; page 1.)

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