Around the Bluhmin’ Town: Love is in the air

Judy Bluhm

Judy Bluhm

Love is in the air. Check out the stores and see all the heart shaped candies, cookies and cakes. Buy a bunch of red roses. Maybe champagne. Jewelry is nice too. Grab a card that professes “true love” to that “special someone” in your life.

Give the kids and grandkids little heart-shaped sweets, or stuffed animals with red ribbons and bows. There is nothing like a day to “celebrate” this incredible force of nature that envelopes our lives. And if we are lucky, we will see, feel and experience love all around us. Every day.

I have witnessed love with my horses. My old mare, Angel got an eye infection that wouldn’t heal and had her right eye removed. With a cataract in her remaining eye, she was effectively blind. But that day when we brought her home from the hospital, she stepped off the trailer and her stall-mate was waiting for her. A large, white Arabian, Pegasus went over to Angel and nuzzled her face and eyes with his nose. He then walked at her left side, leading her around. Together, they conquered darkness. Love is not blind. It shows us the way.

=At a garage sale I spotted a beautiful square piece of lace that was lying on a table. It was obviously very old and delicate. I picked it up and an elderly lady came and gently took it out of my hands. “This is mine,” she said sweetly. Then she scolded her daughter for putting it up for sale.

The lady told me that her husband wrapped their wedding bouquet in this little piece of lace, when they got married. “I still remember that moment,” she sighed. Love lives in those tender memories.

Maybe that’s what Valentine’s Day is really all about. Undying love. It’s not the candy, but the sweetness of romance that it celebrates.

It is the purity and innocence of the children in classrooms, who have teachers helping them make special cards and red construction paper hearts to take home to their parents. And why not be bold and wear red – that brazen flash of color that “shouts” out that our love will not be secret, quiet or go unnoticed. And let’s not overlook the power of a small, lovingly placed piece of lace.

This week, call an old friend. Hug your children an extra minute. Hold hands with someone that you care about.

Be bold, like the color red, in your expression of love. Accept, treasure and rejoice in a little paper heart made for you by a child. Hold on tightly to a cherished memory, like a small piece of lace.

Let love guide you through dark times. Share a smile with a stranger, a lingering kiss with your spouse, go dancing, sip some bubbly, give flowers, wear a red scarf and enjoy a chocolate covered cherry.

Dear Readers, be courageous and write someone a love note and sign it with the most famous and romantic phrases of all time, “Be Mine . . Your Valentine.”

Judy Bluhm is a writer and local realtor. Have a story? Email Judy at

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