Mon, Feb. 17

Letter: Sunny with a chance of calamity


Despite predictions by a Nobel Prize-winning economist, the Trump presidency did not result in financial ruin or world war. Meanwhile, logical thinkers have become inured to the ever-changing doomsday scenarios painted by ideologically-motivated Climatastrophists. Even the latest Chinese flu epidemic is failing to raise the price of anti-anxiety drug stocks.

When there is nothing left to fear but fear itself, another impending disaster is needed to give government more power over the electorate and a larger share of its wealth. I may be able to help with that.

Back in 1859, a massive solar storm (the “Carrington Event”) blasted Earth with magnetized plasma. Auroras lit the night sky around the globe. Strong electric currents were induced in telegraph systems, melting wires and starting fires around those that were powered, energizing those that were not.

A second extreme solar storm was recently identified by USGS researchers. “The New York Railroad Storm” of 1921 caused fires in telephone and telegraph terminals. A railway station in New York was burned to the ground.

These storms are by no means the largest possible. Solar flares 100 times stronger have been seen from Sol-like stars.

An extreme solar storm today, with hundreds of thousands of miles of power cables and millions of feet of wiring, could disrupt electrical systems throughout the world. The result would be chaos. Lack of electricity to power pumps would halt food transport. Natural gas distribution would fail. Digital records would be lost. Horses and firewood would suddenly be in great demand. Starvation and/or cold-related deaths would be rampant. And if all that doesn’t scare you, consider the loss of texting, Facebook, and Twitter.

With just 62 years between previous events, this is no time to be complacent. Tell our leaders to do something before it’s too late.

David Perrell


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