Mon, Feb. 17

Letter: At no time did Mr. Butner make threats or allegations


I was in attendance at the Camp Verde Town Council meeting on January 8, 2020 that has been the topic of great discussions in the local newspapers.

Unfortunately most of the individuals who are jumping into the battle were not in attendance at the meeting and have no idea what actually transpired or the events that led up to it.

I have been disturbed by several issues pertaining to this incident. First and foremost, the allegations of Bruce George that Councilor Butner was interrogative are misleading.

Not only was I in attendance, but I have reviewed the entire recording twice to ensure that I did not miss some threat or innuendo. I would ask whether the Town Council members and the public that has been writing letters, speaking at Council meetings and gossiping in their neighborhoods have bothered to review the same recording to make sure they are not jumping to conclusions.

Council members are not only expected, they are required to fully vet candidates for boards and commissions. Councilor Butner was doing exactly that.

This is not the Town Manager’s responsibility; it is the Town Council’s responsibility.

Mr. Butner made it clear that he was simply bringing this matter to the Town Council for review. At no time did he make any threats or allegations in the public forum.

Mr. George had completed an application to be reappointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and it was therefore the Council’s responsibility to look into any information that came forward about a candidate.

The citizens have a right to expect that the best and most qualified and morally upstanding citizens represent them on these boards and commissions.

Section 11.2E of the Town Council Policy, Rules, and Procedures states: “All applicants shall be notified of the time and date of the public meeting for selection of the new Board, Commission, or Committee members and shall be invited to attend so that they may answer questions by the Town Council.

The public will not be able to ask questions of the applicants.” This is, plain and simple, exactly what was happening.

It is unfortunate that Mr. George was uncomfortable with the questions and unwilling to participate in the process.

Secondly, there is a complaint from Mr. George, but there is no verbatim record that indicates what actually transpired.

If you are going to try someone for their actions, you should have the actual records to substantiate the allegations.

The current minutes of record are in no way what actually occurred that night.

A person simply needs to compare them with the video to verify that there are serious errors and omissions from the minutes.

If people are going to jump to the defense of an individual, at the expense of another, they should have all the information.

Unfortunately, too often individuals jump to conclusions and ultimately look foolish when all of the facts are presented.

Request the public records, read the reports and ultimately make informed decisions.

Cheri WIschmeyer, Camp Verde

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