Sat, March 28

Letter: We are a county who gives sanctuary to guns, and to heck with kids in the cages


My husband grew up here during the long hot summer months from 1948 through 1968. In the winters he went to school and graduated from Grand Canyon High School on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

His family has been here for hundreds of years, perhaps longer. My husband served his country in a submarine for 10 years during the Viet Nam War.

From 1988 through 1994, we lived in his family home here in Clarakdale and raised our six children in this same home.

We spent the following 20 years in Flagstaff where he worked at NAU as a counselor, and I worked a Flagstaff Medical Center as a Medical Social Worker. Financial events led to us spending the last 10 years in California. We have now returned to retire in the Verde Valley, which we consider home, in Clarkdale.

I find here a morally depleted community with little to give and little fertile earth for growth of community or families.

I am appalled that calling yourself a “Sanctuary County,” has anything to do with protecting guns -- guns that have equally killed, murdered children and adults with heart wrenching frequency.

“Sanctuary” has to do with protecting people who have no protection from possibly death, incarceration, or other tragic outcomes, most recently in providing sanctuary to people fleeing from oppressive governments and despotic regimes and even from our countrymen wanting to place innocent children in cages due to their parent’s unfortunate choices regarding immigration.

How could a “GUN,” come to be needing “sanctuary?” I could not possibly be the only person here losing sleep over calling a gun something needing sanctuary and a human child something that does not need sanctuary.

Then I went to the Cottonwood Library -- where they now “rent out,” newly published books for a dollar a day.

Here I must state that there has been an effort on the part of the White House to paint the Democratic party as the “socialist” party. I do believe that if democrats wanted to be Socialist, they would call themselves Socialists. Truly Democrats strive to keep in place a “safety net,” where if you are ill, there is healthcare; if you lose your job, there is unemployment; if you run out of food there are food stamps and food banks.

This is so that your mother or grandmother do not wind up eating dog or cat food out of cans. Before Social Security happened, many elderly people were in such a situation. Now they are not due to these safety net programs usually implemented and proposed by Democrats.

Food, Health, Shelter -- these are the components of civilized society. Yet we struggle daily to keep them in place. Literature, the ability to access education, to learn to read, surely we can do better than renting out books at the PUBLIC Library and maintaining sanctuaries for guns versus people. How did we get here? Here where children must pay to go to the museum field trip; must pay to rent an instrument or to be in a sport, or have an art class. This is not socialism so much as it is just taking care of ourselves.

In the midst of all this, I glance at the Independent Newspaper and note that we have trundled out the job of sidewalk repair that will ultimately cost 1.4 million dollars to a firm in Provo, Utah. We live in very economically depressed part of the State, Country, County; yet we are letting local money and jobs go to Provo, Utah to do work HERE in Clarkdale. Jobs are a scarce commodity here. Surely there are local businesses that can repair sidewalks. It also sounds as though we already invested money in a solution that did not work for our sidewalks. Is that money wasted? Is someone from Provo coming back to give that money back?

We are a country that elected as president an individual who went on the public news stating that he grabs women by the crotch as much as he wants, wherever he wants, whenever he wants. We are a county who gives sanctuary to guns and to heck with the kids in the cages. We are a city whose Public Library charges money to rent books; we are a city who gives desperately needed jobs and business to some entity in Provo, Utah. My Country. How did this happen and where have you gone?

We need public libraries. We need safe sanctuaries for abusive and poorly treated children and families. We need arts, Literature, food in schools and our homes.

We need leaders who have a moral compass and a compassionate heart, rather than grabby hands demeaning as many women as he is allowed. And finally, we need to repair our own sidewalks and let the local businesses and employees of these local businesses earn their own money and keep it here in town.

Dorothy Pedro


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