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Sneak peak of ‘Pink Nectar Cafe’ at Red Earth

Kate Hawkes and Amy Waddell. Photo by Larry Kane

Kate Hawkes and Amy Waddell. Photo by Larry Kane

Originally Published: February 14, 2020 11:04 a.m.

Thursday, February 20th Red Earth Theatre is delighted to bring a glimpse into the world of “Pink Nectar Café” in the Chapel at Tlaquepaque, Patio de la Camilla at 6.30 pm. 

This sneak peak into some of the characters who populate the Pink Nectar Cafe world in advance of the Main Stage production (to open at the end of the month.) is a rare event. Meet the actors and directors and hear some of the original text by Jim Bishop from which these one act plays have been adapted. Discover how a work gets from the page to the stage, particularly when dealing with real stories and the author himself.

‘Pink Nectar Café’ is adapted from Jim Bishop’s collection of short stories of the same name. Combination memoir, northern Arizona mystery guide, and serenade to the mysteries and beauty that surround us here in Northern Arizona, the stories come to life on stage with actors and live music.  

Jim Bishop who passed recently, was a huge influence in the Verde Valley, and became one of Sedona’s extraordinary individuals.  Before retiring to Sedona, James Bishop Jr. was a contributing writer for President Carter’s administration, and a published author of several books.  An author and Sedona resident for 33 years, Jim was a journalist, environmental activist and champion of the arts.Typically attired in denim and leather with a bit of turquoise jewelry, Jim entertained many with his writings and poetry.  Jim often said he came to Sedona to reinvent himself, and that spread to the rest of the community.

Directors and writers Kate Hawkes and Amy Waddell will be on hand along with some of the ensemble of 13 actors who play multiple roles throughout the show. Performers include long time Red Earth favorites Terra Shelman, Joan Westmoreland, Dave Belkiewitz, Mary Gladieux and Phil Oberholzer with Tiffany Grimm, Michael Cosentino, Zeke Collins and new to Red Earth’s main stage Maxwell Peters, Michael Gallagher, Henry Bokenham, Abby Heydorn and, in his first performance with Red Earth, Buffalo Child as Grey Clouds.

This is Red Earth’s second year working with Wendy Lippman (Tlaquepaque owner and property manager) to add live theatre to the current roster of live music and other events.

The third Thursday of each month brings a series of simple stripped-down theatrical performances, featuring local performers and a variety of live forms. Future dates in 2020 include March 19th (a special TBA), April 16th (with Parangello Players), May 21st and June 18th  (a collaborative show with Canned Sedona). If you are a performer with an idea for a show please contact Red Earth Theatre at info@redearththeatre.org or by phone at 938-399-0997. 

A nonprofit company founded in 2013, Red Earth Theatre provides a platform to inspire and nurture many voices through live performance, and encourages dialogue exploring the human experience in our diverse communities throughout the Verde Valley. (For more on Red Earth visit www.redearththeatre.org) 

Join Red Earth in the Chapel at Tlaquepaque, on Thursday 20th at 6.30pm for a glance into the mysteries of live theatre and in particular this world of the Pink Nectar Café.