Wed, April 01

Letter: Citizens need to be vigilant on Spring Creek Ranch


Follow up to Jason Brooks article on the Borowskys’ Spring Creek request for Rural Zoning Change.

In this year 2020, Case# PLA19-000008 seems to now be on Verde Valley’s political agenda, with the Borowskys’ “campaigning” in Sedona to get their amendment passed. Though a Cornville issue, I agree this change will negatively affect every person who travels 89A from Sedona to Cottonwood; so let’s update all.

“The Rape of Spring Creek.” The amended Letter of Intent for Borowsky’s urban development of 2100 units when current zoning is approximately 140 residential will negatively affect the footprint of rural Cornville. Cornville’s present infrastructure cannot support this type of urban density.

Such an out of control growth spurt with thousands of new residents would have a devastating impact on present residents quality of life; including Cornville’s “Open Range,” riparian ecosystems. This sensitive land would be put in jeopardy.

This 282-acre property is not intended to be used for a rural residential community like those in neighboring towns (Santa Fe, Del Webb, Cross Creek, and Mesquite Springs). Rather, its purpose is to stretch and destroy GOD’s land for as much money as the Borowski family can attain.

If rural zoning is changed, 89A between Sedona and Cornville will become a go-to for the Borowskys’ “One Stop Carnival.” Tourists, transients and an ever-changing population of service workers will bring an overcrowded low income community. Restaurants, shops, RV hookups, rented land for housing, apartments, senior residents, firehouse; and much more in the works.

This might work within city limits; NOT on rural land.

It’s said that GOD built the Grand Canyon ... but he lives in Sedona. If this zoning request is not rejected to protect the entrance roadway to Sedona; he will be leaving us.

Contact and note “I oppose this rezoning request.”

Ronnie Turbane


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