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Ratliff Gallery presents ‘Sky, Earth, Magic’ with Cedric Michael Cox

Totems In The Mist, by Cedric Michael Cox, 48 x 72 inches, acrylic on canvas

Totems In The Mist, by Cedric Michael Cox, 48 x 72 inches, acrylic on canvas

Originally Published: February 21, 2020 2:24 p.m.

Opening March 6, 5-8 p.m., James Ratliff Gallery will introduce the artwork of artist Cedric Michael Cox in the exhibition “Sky, Earth, Magic.”

For decades, Cox has shared with vast audiences a unique interpretation of the world through the use of vivid color that electrify the senses. Cox is officially represented by James Ratliff Gallery.

“Sky, Earth, Magic” catapults color into rhythmic action with abstract and recognizable images that create compositions inspired by themes in music and the natural world.

This exhibition remains true to sharing Cox’s innermost self and radiates passion from the canvas. Working under several influences which include architecture and art history, Cox’s work ranges from the geometric, to the curvilinear, to floral-like forms, all dancing within surrealistic shapes.

“It is my honor to share this body of work with the Sedona Community through the prestigious James Ratliff Gallery,” said Cox.

Cox’s past exhibitions include, The Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, The Weston Art Gallery, The Columbus Art Museum, Dayton Art institute, Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn, Museum of Science and Industry and Gallery Guichard in Chicago, and The Taft Museum of Art. Cedric Michael Cox’s work has been featured in books, magazines, and on television.

Exhibition Details

• Title: “SKY, EARTH, MAGIC,” Paintings by Cedric Michael Cox

• When: Opening Reception March 6, 5-8 p.m.

• Where: James Ratliff Gallery, 671 AZ 179 Sedona.

About The Gallery

Over the last 50-plus years owning an Arizona Gallery, 30-plus of those years in Sedona, the name, James Ratliff, has been synonymous with fine art. Jim’s love of art began in kindergarten and has grown throughout his life. Beginning with owning the first gallery on Main Street in Scottsdale in the 1960s, to taking art to various parts of the state as part of the Arizona Arts and Commission on the Arts education program. Jim’s love of art has steadily evolved to the point where Jim is looked to for guidance by many established and beginning artists and clients today.

James Ratliff has had years of experience selling the art of many now famous artists such as Calder, O’Keefe, Gorman, Zuniga, Tamayo and Scholder, (just to name a few), and will not settle for inferior or mass produced works.  As Jim Ratliff says, “It is always about looking out for the art lover as well as the artist.”