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VERDE HERITAGE 1929: PROHIBITION Raids and Risks; February

Yavapai County "Sheriff Ruffner was in the Verde district Tuesday and Wednesday and with his deputies was in search the man who stabbed another man to death in Jerome. He spent Tuesday night in Cottonwood and on Wednesday, while he and deputies Edwards, Dickinson, and Munds were searching Centerville and vicinity they came upon a nice bootlegging outfit. They confiscated about five gallons of the finished product, several barrels of mash, and two stills, and took into custody one Armado Gutierrez and conducted him to jail." (Verde Copper News; "Valley News" by Frances W. Munds; Friday, February 1, 1929; page 5.)

"Deputies Munds and Edwards were called to Prescott Tuesday to testify in U. S. Commissioner Moreno's court in the case of Amado Gutierrez, accused of possession of liquor and a distilling outfit found in Centerville. The case was dismissed by Moreno on the ground that it was not proven that Gutierrez was owner of the outfit." (Verde Copper News; "Valley News" by Frances W. Munds; Friday, February 8, 1929; page 5.)

"BOOZE-RUNNER: Florencio Venagas was intercepted by local police last night while attempting to deliver a consignment of questionable corn liquor to a Jerome client. Officers found 20 gallons of booze, said to be 'Mountain Dew' of inferior quality, in the truck Venagas was driving. The liquor was admitted to be the property of Diego Garcia, proprietor of the Arizona pool hall. Both Venagas and Garcia are scheduled for a hearing in police court here late this afternoon." (Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, February 15, 1929; page 8.)


"'Explosion Wrecks City Hall' --- if you see a scare headline like that in the local paper some of these days, you will know that the 'evidence' collected in the local liquor cases and stored in the town hall has blown up."

"Taking the stuff away from a man who has been drinking it, isn't the only act that requires bravery. One takes his life in his hands when he stays in a warm room with the kind of 'white mule' that has been collected recently in police raids. The blamed stuff explodes like T.N.T."

"Yesterday while the local police court was going quietly about its business the quietude was abruptly shattered by a terrific 'Bang!' Another bottle of 'evidence' had exploded throwing splintered glass about the room with dangerous force."

"Some of the alleged liquor is used in Judge Jones' office in kindling the fires. A jug of 'mountain dew,' taken in a recent raid, has been standing near the office stove. It was discovered yesterday that the stuff has eaten its way through the sides of the jug and is actually seeping out through the container."

"The moral of this story, if any, is that stuff which is sufficiently high-powered to break its way out of a heavy bottle and explode with enough force to imbed glass in the furniture could hardly be conducive to the good health of a man drinking it. No liquid which will actually eat its way through the sides of a jug could be expected to have a soothing effect on the 'innards' of a human."

Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, February 19, 1929; page 1.

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