Fri, Jan. 24

Letter: VOC needs solid county representation, not municipal incorporation


Yet again, we Village of Oak Creek residents have been told what is for our own good.  

The impetus for this new thrust for incorporation is because of the Hilton and Element hotels, and to that we say:  “barn door, meet late closer.” 

This time Mr. Krupa and Mr. Engler want all of us to “wake up and smell the obvious.”  Both articles in the Jan. 1 edition of the Villager pontificate and chide us about our failings as citizens. Even though we citizens did all the right things to voice our oppositions, the County Board failed, not us.  The Board failed to respect its constituents.   

Mr. Engler also waved the specter of annexation as incentive for incorporating.  The list of salaried positions that would be needed to be an incorporated village was long and certainly incomplete.  Mr. Krupa has allegedly begun the work for us poor villagers, so that he can educate us, the uneducated. 

His claim is that there would be “no requirement to have a property tax” as a result of incorporation.  Ah, yes, the promise that is meant to lull us into complacency, an empty promise based on lack of future knowledge.  What happens when the economy tanks, as it will at some future point, and all those salaried positions need payment. 

Will a VOCA mayor and his minions set before the community dire predictions and strong arm a tax based on urgent need?  If tourism drops and revenue streams slow, who will tell us ignorant Villagers how we must rally now for the common good? 

Contracts, he says, could be drawn with services such as sheriff and fire departments ... services already available and provided.   We have choices now as to who would provide our services such as trash collection, would we be forced to accept our incorporation’s choice.  

And what about the sewer service ... will the mayor wish to section off that in order to create its own department and fees?  Will the local services find themselves in a bidding war or feeling frozen out of the competition because someone on the mayor’s staff doesn’t care for the owner?

Mr. Krupa also said “residents want to have a local share in the revenue.”  That sounds amazing.  We have been local residents for 28 years,  should I be expecting a portion of the proceeds sent to us each Christmas in the form of a check? 

We do agree, however, with the overall theme: heed the warning.

Yes, if the lack of respect that Yavapai County supervisors showed the residents is any preview, then we should heed the warning indeed.  For it has shown that any form of governing body can become disrespectful of the very people it claims to serve, and will eventually serve themselves. 

Whether it is a county board or a local town mayor and his commissioners, or an association called VOCA.  The foreseeable infighting will be, as Mr. Engler states regarding Big Park Council,  “an exercise to petty one-upmanship.” 

We do not need to incorporate.  We need to vote for county supervisors who have some sense of what it means to serve the citizenry and not their own private agenda or egos.   Just take a look at the past few years of leadership at VOCA to get an idea of how a small select group of  people push forward and manipulate our association into higher costs and still they want more. 

Take a good look at that history as a preview to incorporation.   And tell us, how will we manage to avoid voting for similar people.  Please, do tell us, Mr. Krupa, Mr. Engler ... do you have a magic potion that will protect us from self serving or corrupt forces once we yield to your masterful insights?  Please do tell.

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Matina


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