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Call the Cops: Camp Verde officers respond to 10,058 calls in 2019

VVN/Chris Myers

VVN/Chris Myers


Camp Verde issued 784 citations and 1,971 written warnings, which means about 40% of stops resulted in a citation rather than a warning. -- Camp Verde Commander Brian Armstrong

CAMP VERDE — Some are self-explanatory, while others are not.

The Camp Verde Marshal’s Office reported 10,058 offenses in 2019. More than one-fourth of those observed or reported offenses – 2,856 – were traffic stops.

According to Camp Verde Commander Brian Armstrong, traffic offenses include “all traffic stops for moving or equipment violations on vehicles.”

Of the traffic offenses, Camp Verde issued 784 citations and issued 1971 written warnings, which means about 40% of stops resulted in a citation rather than a warning,” Armstrong said.

Some traffic offenses, Armstrong also said, could result from an attempt to locate.

“An attempt to locate, most of the time, is when a citizen calls to report a speeder, reckless driver, DUI, or other bad driving behavior of a described vehicle and the deputies attempt to locate for that vehicle to try and find and stop it,” Armstrong said.

If the offender is found and stopped, Armstrong said that the call nature is more often than not changed to a traffic offense, with the person cited or warned depending on what the offense was. For example, “it could have been a driver experiencing a diabetic emergency rather than a DUI,” Armstrong said.

But the Camp Verde Marshal’s Office does more than police the town’s motorists.

Citizen assist, animal-related, suspicious

Citizen assist, according to Armstrong, is a catch-all code for “any time a citizen has a question they call the police about,” such as information, assistance, questions or help with juvenile issues, help with a neighbor problem or other problems not classified with its own code.”

In 2019, Camp Verde Marshal’s responded to 1,213 citizen assist calls, another 752 calls related to animals, such as barking dogs, dogs at large, cattle at large in roadways, welfare checks on animals, horses left in the sun, and feral cat complaints. According to Armstrong, anything involving a complaint from a citizen about an animal.

Perhaps more interesting than the large quantity of animal-related calls is the amount of offenses – 26 – that received but a single offense. Adult abuse or neglect, assault with a firearm, assault by intimidation, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, recovered stolen vehicle, and theft of property such as vehicle parts are some of the categories in which Camp Verde Marshal’s Office responded to but a single call in 2019.

Although the Marshal’s Office reported one suicide in 2019, Camp Verde Marshal Corey Rowley said that figure is not complete.

Medical Examiner cases, he said, “take a while because the majority of our suicides involve overdose.”

A report of suspicious activity is not as vague as it seems. In 2019, CVMO responded to 597 suspicious offenses, numbers that include a suspicious acting person or suspicious vehicle in an area or neighborhood.

“A citizen may report a suspicious looking situation at a vacant home or in their neighborhood they want the police to check on,” Armstrong said.

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