Fri, Jan. 24

Letter: Disgraceful, shameful behavior by Camp Verde Councilman Joe Butner


I heard what Councilman Butner did to Bruce George in the Town Council meeting on Wednesday night. I’m outraged that a Town Council member would blindside and publically humiliate a private citizen in this manner before the public and now a recorded history.

I hope Councilman Butner realizes that he has now set a precedent that will make the public afraid to address the Town Council in the future.

This type of public humiliation will cause a lot of people to think that they too will be in the position of being humiliated in a Town Council Meeting.

I hope that the Town Council will require Butner to publically apologize to Mr. George.

I would love to see the list of volunteer projects Bruce George has completed with the list of what Councilman Butner has done for the Town of Camp Verde. Bruce is a volunteer that has put in thousands of hours with the Old Guys, in addition to many of his other projects.

The Old Guys spent hours last month refurbishing bicycles for the Kiwanis Club to give as presents at Christmas to children. Some of the bikes came from the Marshal’s office and others were purchased online by Bruce; he also made the round trip to Scottsdale to pick up the bikes; then helped fix up the bikes for the children.

What disgraceful and shameful behavior by an elected official; he brings shame on the Town of Camp Verde.

Nancy Floyd

Camp Verde

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