Thu, Feb. 20

Letter: Butner, LeBeau should be ashamed of themselves


It appalls me that an ex-judge and another council member think they are above the law and can take matters into their own hands.

Accusing an upstanding citizen of Camp Verde without any “real” proof is beyond me. Plus withholding this information from the council and town manager is absolutely outrageous.

The two so-called witnesses could not even confirm that this person was the guilty party. Who does Butner and LeBeau think they are anyway? God? I think not!

They must have something up their sleeves to crucify an individual like this. I would question their motive. How humiliating for this citizen. This behavior is irresponsible, reprehensible and should not presume anyone guilty based on allegations and no charges filed. Butner was egotistical, bullish and scathing while railroading his accusations.

Council should seek apologies from both Council members at the very least. However, the damage has been done. If it doesn’t occur, then censure or sanction them both.

Surely there is a code of ethics or conduct members of any municipally has for its elected and appointed officials. Maybe they should both be recalled? Who is going to trust them?

This may only be the beginning for them to attack our town citizens. Who will be next on their agenda? I wouldn’t trust them one bit. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Resigning would be the better answer.

Diana Hopper

Camp Verde

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