Thu, Feb. 20

Letter: Expand and ensure justice for everyone and threats will dissipate


There are many items that should be on the Legislative agenda this session: legalizing marijuana, expanding rape definitions, and passing a constitutional amendment to make sure that state elected offices are filled only by Native Arizonans.

Our legislators, however, are already hard at work whittling away at our rights and criminalizing natural, normal human behavior.

I know many of you want anger, hate, and all these other so-called negative emotions to disappear from the earth, but there is no light without darkness, no love without hatred, no good without bad.

Take criminalizing threats for instance. The Legislature (and many citizens) seems to live in a fantasy world where life if good, government is perfect, and the majority of the People are well-behaved and well-fed sheep.

Wrong the sheep and they just “baaaah’, wrong a wolf and you might become a snack. How each of us views the world was and is heavily influenced by where we grew up and how we were raised.

Many will protest that violence is never OK, but for some of us, it is part of how we grew up and it will never be completely off the table (if only for self-defense).

For those of us who grew up in poor violent neighborhoods, threats of violence are the warning that precedes actual violence. Trust me, you would much rather be subjected to violent words than violent actions.

I’ve personally endured both in the neighborhoods I grew up in Phoenix. To take away the ability of those of us who have been wronged by the government (or others) to complain, criticize, and, yes, make threats if necessary leaves us with no peaceful remedies.

When is it ever necessary, you ask, to make threats against government? When the government violates your rights, refuses to make it right, and then they want to arrest and imprison you for standing up for yourself.

How about government actually performing the primary purpose for which it was instituted? Justice. Expand and ensure justice for everyone and threats will dissipate like dew on a warm winter morning.

Matthew Holmes


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