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Big Park President’s Message: Council seeks pulse of community

Camille Cox

Camille Cox

The January meeting of the BPRCC was, by all accounts, pleasantly productive.

One of the most talked-about improvements was literally audible -- a borrowed PA system. At last, we can hear each other. Thank you, Sedona Village Rotarians and A/V volunteer, Matt Werner.

Our monthly public meetings include a variety of different content, and we are striving to make adjustments to the format to achieve a brisk pace. Our goal is that the meetings provide a high value and enjoyable forum for community education and exchange.

Here’s what you can expect from our meetings:

• Public agency reports: The Sheriff’s office, Fire Dept and School District each deliver a fact-filled run down of their respective watches. There’s no better way to get the real scoop and have your questions answered

directly. These reports are first up on the agenda so our officials can get back to business.

• The Council of Representatives business meeting: This is, in fact, a board of directors meeting. The


Dave Norton was honored as the longest running (12 consecutive years) executive committee member in BPRCC history. Five years as treasurer, four as VP and three as A/V specialist, in addition to other committee assignments.

committees report on their work and the council discusses and decides on any action.

The Council’s 27 Member Organizations each appoints one Representative to be their voice and vote. Although decisions are made by the Council of Representatives, input from the audience is allowable as time permits.

Other Reports: Community organizations such as RRREMD (the improvement district responsible for maintaining the landscaping along SR179 in the VOC), the Dark Skies Alliance, the Sedona Library VOC branch, Verde Valley Transportation Planning Organization, and others. These reports are a way for Reps to gather information to share with their membership, and also for the community to stay apprised of policies, activities and information that effects the Village.

Presentations, Special Visitors, Public Comments: These vary each month, so check the agenda on the Council website the week before the meeting. If you’d like to receive the agenda and other Council news by email, it’s easy to subscribe to our list on the HOME page (

January meeting highlights

Dave Norton was honored as the longest-running (12 consecutive years) executive committee member in BPRCC history. Five years as treasurer, four as VP and three as A/V specialist, in addition to other committee assignments.

2019 officers and committee members were acknowledged for their contributions. More than 35 community volunteers were involved in eight committees.

The president’s message outlined areas of focus for the coming year.

The Parliamentary Training Committee presented materials they developed with input from the reps and subject matter experts. These were approved for implementation and include a Code of Conduct and meeting guidelines.

A new adhoc committee was formed to gather facts, review and consider impacts of the pending APS powerline (and other overhead lines) in the Village. The committee’s findings will be reported at Council meetings.

As part of our effort to listen to the community’s needs and be responsive, comment cards were provided and collected at the meeting.

Here’s what we learned:

• Suggestion for the Planning & Zoning Committee to conduct a “bulk & density” study and a traffic impact study. This idea will be submitted to the 2020 P&Z Committee to be elected at the February meeting.

• Four individuals wanted to know if the Council will be offering information/education on incorporation initiatives. Email has come in asking the same. A guest speaker has been invited to the February meeting to address that question.

• Suggestions for seating setup improvement, desire for more information on the Council website, training on Robert’s Rules of Order, and committee volunteers were also submitted. We’ve replied to each individual with next steps.

The next meeting is Feb. 13, 9 a.m., at the VOC Fire Station.

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