Thu, Feb. 20

Letter: Bridge at Red Rock Crossing would ease Sedona’s traffic burdens


The Sedona City Council has again listed traffic as a top priority.

It’s not just Sedona’s problem. It is the Village of Oak Creek’s problem also.

In 1993, Sedona Mayor Ivan Finley had a copy of a letter from Yavapai County Public Works Director James R. Wise, to the U.S. Forest Service, regarding the need to re-establish the alternate route at Red Rock Crossing; February, 1996 USFS considered approval of the Red Rock Crossing bridge; August, 2007 the Arizona Republic newspaper’s front page talked about our traffic problem; 2008 five of the seven members of the City Council, including Mayor Ruth Colquitt were elected because they said they would solve our traffic problem and build a road via Verde Valley School Road; November, 2017 Sedona Vice Mayor John Martinez, stated “We’re not going to put this one on the shelf. Get the bridge at Red Rock Crossing.”

One of the $250,000 traffic studies done in 2017 stated that data shows that 4,300 daily trips are made by locals between the VOC and West Sedona.

Like many people in the past who wanted to solve our traffic problems, I hope the City Council will push forward and get it done.

Don’t let the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors decide what they think is best for us.

None of them live in Sedona or VOC. The most economical way to solve our traffic problem - put the bridge back at Red Rock Crossing. Most of the road is already there.

Allan Fairchild

Village of Oak Creek

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