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Vince Fazio to leave Sedona Arts Center

After 17 years with Sedona Arts Center, the past three as executive director, Vince Fazio is relocating to Florida to spend time with his father. Courtesy photo

After 17 years with Sedona Arts Center, the past three as executive director, Vince Fazio is relocating to Florida to spend time with his father. Courtesy photo

Originally Published: July 13, 2020 4:32 p.m.

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that the Board of Directors announces the departure of Vince Fazio as executive director of the Sedona Arts Center.

We have been fortunate to have a leader with passion, creative vision and strong business acumen to be at the helm of our organization the past three years.

Under his leadership we have experienced growth across the full spectrum of the Arts Center’s many dimensions, including the Fine Art Gallery, School and Special Events. 

Vince spent 18 years as director of our School of the Arts, many years as chair of our Sedona Plein Air Festival and was director of all programming and operations prior to assuming the role of executive director three years ago.

Vince’s last day in the office will be July 17 but he will continue to serve as executive director remotely, after relocating to Florida to spend time with his father, until his replacement is hired.

To say that Vince embodies the spirit and soul of our organization is an understatement and we wish him well as he journeys to his next adventure.

Over the next few months we will be conducting a search to find a new leader. Along with my board colleagues, I am excited about the leadership the right candidate will bring to the Arts Center and the opportunities for the organization and for our community.

A link to the job description is on our homepage at sedonaartscenter.org. We welcome your help in identifying potential candidates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly at holliploog0@gmail.com.

The following is from a question and answer session with Fazio.

Kudos: Tell us about your involvement with the arts.

Vince Fazio: I came to Sedona, like so many others, because I was transfixed by the landscape. As a painter it is both challenging and inspirational to be surrounded by beauty of this kind. I’ve always said that painting gives one a way of ‘landing’ or ‘arriving’ in the landscape like nothing else does, so it is always a fresh experience. This love of landscape painting brought genuine enthusiasm to my work with the Arts Center’s Sedona Plein Air Festival.

Kudos: What first got you interested in the Sedona Arts Center?

Fazio: I started first as an instructor. With an MFA in art, I had been teaching college art courses in Colorado before moving here and was naturally drawn to the Center to see what was possible. Then one day I read a job description that seemed to profile me and that led to my becoming director of the School of the Arts for 18 years. I slowly took on more and more aspects of the Center and my position became director of programming and operations before becoming executive director for the past three years.

Kudos: What has it meant to you to serve as executive director?

Fazio: Even after being here at the Center for so long, becoming executive director was a revelation as to what our fabulous staff and network of gallery artists were really capable of doing when we are all aligned and sharing the same goals with our Board of Directors. We had a kind of quick and immediate renaissance during our 60th anniversary year in 2018 and that set us on course with a new model of success. And everything is way more fun when you are succeeding.

Kudos: What does the Sedona Arts Center to mean to the community, and to you?

Fazio: My sense is that the art colony reputation that is so much a part of Sedona’s heritage brings a high expectation to our Arts Center. We are an historical part of that reputation and thus we are engaged in fulfilling that expectation for locals and visitors. It is an ongoing challenge and opportunity. While we cannot be everything to everyone with regard to the arts - we can do some things very, very well.

We are supported by the community and give back to the community in a very healthy dynamic. Our gallery is a stellar example of that dynamic – representing the diversity and talent of our local contemporary art scene. The reason-for-being of the Arts Center pivots around the notion of sharing - sharing ideas, sharing a campus and sharing enthusiasm for the sense of possibility that the arts are all about. Our school, special events and exhibitions create very stimulating experiences that allow the arts to take root in people of all ages.