Sat, Aug. 15

Letter: Masks aren’t perfect but have efficacy


In response to Mr. Brenfleck, masks are merely a physical barrier. When we wear them, they catch some, or most, of our germs before they spew out into the air and onto the surfaces around us.

Again, it’s like covering your mouth when you cough. It’s a proven, effective, but not perfect, way to inhibit the spread of a virus. If you doubt that statement you can do your own research because I’m really not interested in arguing with you or anyone else about it.

Wearing a mask is also just courteous and a way to show that you care about the people around you - which might explain some of the vitriol that you have encountered as the result of your letter.

Perhaps people are assuming that you are one of the folks that are walking around in public without a mask during a deadly pandemic. They are afraid, and rightly so, that they might catch a deadly virus that has killed over 130,000 American citizens and counting.

If you are one of those people not wearing a mask in public, I hope you will reconsider. Masks aren’t perfect but they have efficacy and, at this time, they are pretty much all we got.

My mask, which I will gladly wear, protects you. Your mask, which I hope you will be wearing should we ever meet, protects me.

Cynthia Malla


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