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Verde Valley Farmer’s Market to require face masks

The updated Verde Valley Farmers Market rules for safety include customers being required to wear a mask.

The updated Verde Valley Farmers Market rules for safety include customers being required to wear a mask.

Originally Published: June 23, 2020 1:25 p.m.

Verde Valley Farmers Market had hoped to be able to loosen restrictions, not tighten them, but here we are.

Everyone is likely aware of the significant increase in COVID cases in Arizona. We take the health and safety of our shoppers and vendors very seriously.

We continue to be committed to providing local, quality food to our community and we also understand that by bringing large groups of people together that we need to take precautions to ensure health and safety. Covid-19 precautions will be in place to ensure everyone’s well-being, including requiring facial covering masks for all vendors and customers.

Saturday, June 20, served as a ‘grace market’ as we let customers know we are requiring face coverings. Facial covering masks that include the nose and mouth will be mandatory beginning June 27, 2020.

The updated market rules for safety include:

-The Market will have only one entrance and exit that will be clearly marked. The entry will be staffed by an individual who will limit customers in the Market area to no more than 20 customers at a time. Customers will be asked to wait in an orderly line outside the Market at appropriate social distances.

-Customer Precautions will be posted at the Market entrance.

-Customers will be required to wear a mask.

-Customers will be required to sanitize their hands/gloves with provided hand sanitizer before entering the Market.

-Vendor tables will be separated by at least six feet.

-The Market will have a handwash station with jugs, basins, soap, single-use paper towels, a trash bin, hand sanitizer and spray bleach for sanitizing.

-No vendor sampling of food or sale/consumption of food will be allowed at the Market.

-Pets, with the exception of service animals, will not be allowed.

The Verde Valley Farmer’s Market is located in downtown Camp Verde on Hollamon Street in the Ramada across the street from Historic Fort Verde. If you are a local grower and are interested in knowing how to become a 2020 season vendor, contact Market Manager, Jane Davie at (928) 634-7077.