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The Fit Life: Here is to those "MisFits" in us

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

You often address me “Miss Fit-Fit” – stemming directly from the name of my business, the Be Fit Fit Studio in the Village of Oak Creek. When my clients see a doctor (or just complain to their significant other), they would often report back to me that they shared with the doctor/partner/friend what “Miss Fit-Fit” does to them during their training/torture sessions with me.

I like it!

It occurred to me that this nickname is a cool play on the word “misfit”. Like in a “troublemaker”. Or like in case of a someone who hates all and any rules, who sees and does things differently… and is proud of it!

To me, there is a certain beauty to being a MisFit!

The term is frequently perceived as something negative, one of its definitions being “a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.” Its synonyms, among others, include a “deviant”, “odd fish”, “weirdo”, “weirdie”, “outcast”, “oddball” and a “freak”.

However, some other synonyms of this word have a more positive connotation (at least for the PhDed linguist in me). I find it good to be labeled as a “nonconformist”, “individualist”, “rebel”. or an “exception”. How cool is that, to realize that you are not any “Fit” in a specific group of people, or a situation! You are a “MisFit”!

To me, there is no progress and no future without being excessively curious and asking the question: “But what if?...” There is no change without the turtle initially sticking his head out of the shell and taking those few steps forward. Without that first step, the turtle would forever sit in his comfy, dark shell, unaware of the outside world and the difference it can made to it. Stagnation is bad, and MisFits certainly change the world!

I find it refreshing to see how we, the MisFits, deal with certain situations and undertake challenges in a non-conformist, atypical, and a bit “crazy” way.

MisFits definitely are the originals, who leave a lasting impression. And I love being an original! They are not easily accepted by some people, because their behavior/their way to dress/their ways/their statements/their daily “routine” (with not much of any structured routine to it) are so different from what other people do.

MisFit, and especially a “social misfit”, means different things to each of us – and this depends on what our “normal” and “standard” is, and what we find “acceptable”.

Being a MisFit can be such a freeing and truly liberating experience!

So, what if 100% hikers on the trail chuckle when they see you in a leopard catsuit or a rainbow ballet tutu? Or in a blond wig? After all, you are running that trail, you keep fit, you are smiling to everyone and, generally, you infect people with your laugh and positivity. So, what is not to like or not to accept about it? So, what if one Friday, you decide to run all sessions at your Studio dressed like a rock star with Nirvana and AC/DC blazing from the speaker in the room? That only makes your clients perceive that exercising can be fun and challenging at the same time. We don’t need to always be so serious.

So, what if thirty years ago, I just trusted myself and decided that I would live a healthy and fit life and become slimmer by, actually, doing the opposite of what the others were doing back then… Not by dieting, but rather by eating more or the healthy and nutritious stuff! It, obviously, worked well!

So, what if, oner 11 August days in 2017, I circumnavigated the whole Lake Tahoe on a solo, almost 200-mile-long self-supported hiking trip? Some days out there, I only passed by two-three other hikers. At nights, I slept in my single, ultra-light tent on the side of the barely visible trail, with the bear container full of dry food hidden far away from me.

So, what if after a whole life of having super long and big hair, I kept, basically, shaving my head for about a decade? Did it make me a worse mom, woman, person, fitness trainer, or the worst business owner? The aerodynamics, which I surely must have achieved with the help of my preferred barber, certainly shaved minutes off my finish times at various races!

So, what if I am a bit rough and you are not prepared?

So, what if I always have my plushy giraffe with me, either in my car, or strapped to my backpack, and I also take her pictures when we travel? Fellow tourists love her and take her pictures, too. By now, she acquired a certain travelling giraffe celebrity status, from what I observe!

And my real estate clients accept her smiling from the dashboard of my Mustang, big time! Sometimes, when we arrive, she is asked if she wants to visit with me for a listing appointment!

So, there are intentional and unintentional MisFits. I think I am both, and I think the more of an intentional I am, the more naturally the unintentional part comes out. Sometimes, I go with the flow, but I truly thrive on situations when I do not. Why? Because only this entices a true change, which is so fascinating and liberating to me.

It is cool to reach your goals in a non-standard way. It is cool to be different, and move, change, and challenge this world one (turtle) step at a time!

Magdalena is the owner of the Be Fit Fit Personal Training Studio ( Visit her “Be Fit Fit” blog at

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