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VERDE HERITAGE 1928: PECK'S LAKE: Camp Taylor for Boy Scouts

A plea for funds to defray Boy Scout expenses and improve the local camp is made.

"Characterizing the Verde district organization as now functioning on a conservative basis, the district council comprising Al Reese and H. V. Young, of Clarkdale, have issued an appeal for funds to aid toward the expenses of the Boy Scout movement here during 1928."

"'The Boy Scout movement has been revived in the Verde district during the past year,' President Reese said today, 'and is now functioning on a conservative basis. In Jerome, Mr. Cummings is active in the work as a local representative, and has two well organized troops with a total of 50 members.'"

"'In Clarkdale,' he said, 'Mr. Gruver has taken the place made vacant by the removal of Mr. Clakins. One troop of 30 members is organized and actively at work, and plans for a second troop are moving forward to completion. In Clemenceau and Cottonwood, a movement has been started for the organization of troops for that district, and no doubt those plans will soon bear fruit.'"

"One of the cardinal objectives of the local troops is the rehabilitation of Camp Taylor at Peck's Lake, and arrangement for over-night camps. An effort will be made not to over-organize and expenses will be kept down to a minimum, Mr. Reese pointed out."

"The need of scouting as a physical, mental, and moral training school for boys can not be over-estimated, he said. The Verde District Kiwanis club and the Jerome Rotary club as well as other organizations of a civic and fraternal nature are offering both moral and financial support to the movement here."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, March 9, 1928; page 1.)


"Troop 17, Boy Scouts of America, of Clarkdale, will be the hosts tomorrow night in a Court of Honor in the Clarkdale High School auditorium. The troop won that honor by making the greatest average advance in scout proficiency. The Court of Honor in the Verde district is held in the town whose scouts show the greatest progress."

"A feature of tomorrow night's court will be a display of badges and equipment sent here for exhibition by the national supply department. This display is of extraordinary character and should be of interest to citizens generally. A large trunk filled with badges and other display material arrived yesterday."

"In tonight's meeting the Jerome scouts will confer about twenty badges. Clarkdale will award about twice that number of scouts with their badges."

"Members of the district Court of Honor include, besides the scout masters, Walter Miller, J. O. Mullen, Roy Marks, L. C. Wombacher, F. H. Parsons, H. V. Young, and F. X. Mooney. Walter Miller is president and H. V. Young is the secretary."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, March 12, 1929; page 1.)

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