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Sedona Yoga Festival enters 2020 with crystal-clear vision

Photo by Robert Sturman.

Photo by Robert Sturman.

Originally Published: March 6, 2020 2:42 p.m.

For the better part of a decade, Sedona Yoga Festival has been facilitating authentic connection between practitioners and their deepest potential.

Now, as it enters its eighth year, the conference is poised to fully embody the concept of 20/20 vision - with an impressive roster, rich coursework and exciting extras carefully crafted to help attendees take their consciousness to the next level.

Slated to take place March 12–16, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the festival returns to the Performing Arts Center at Sedona Red Rock High School, where the state-of-the art facilities can accommodate a variety of offerings suitable for every level of practitioner, from absolute beginners to experienced teachers.

The festival’s flexible structure effectively encourages attendees to choose their own adventure, creating a curriculum customized to their individual desires - and a variety of guided land excursions foster meaningful immersion in Sedona’s breathtaking natural beauty. 

During a time when all members of the conscious community are being asked to step into their power, Sedona Yoga Festival provides a valuable spiritual and educational support system for doing just that.

“Over the past eight years, this conference has steadily become an industry leader,” says Festival Director Heather Shereé Titus. “We’re proud to consistently attract what we like to think of as the keepers of the flame: experienced, influential teachers and practitioners who are equally devoted to honoring yoga’s rich heritage - and co-creating its powerful future.”

Titus and her team have assembled a world-class faculty to help realize this vision, with a range of CEU offerings to facilitate evolution for teachers and students alike. Vanguard teachers such as Acharya Shunya, Dana Damara, Ana Brett + Ravi Singh and Peter Sterios will be returning - while first-time presenters like Wisdom Warriors™ founder Desiree Rumbaugh, Yin Yoga Founder Paulie Zink and diversity/inclusion warrior Dianne Bondy will be in the mix as well.

Judy Weaver, founder of Connected Warriors , heads up the Traumatic Stress, Resiliency and Healing with Yoga training faculty this year with Ravi Singh, Pete A. Sanders Jr., and Robert Sturman contributing. 

Although yoga is indeed the foundation of the offerings, Sedona Yoga Festival is known for providing an astounding roundup of healing modalities and celebratory arts.

Acharya Shunya brings a wealth of Ayurvedic knowledge, and a range of energy medicine practitioners - Sandra Walter and Anahata Ananda, among others - will be on hand to help attendees fine-tune their resonance.

And of course, the conference will be awash in sacred sound, from healing kirtan with Wah! and Girish to the celebratory strains of Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band and more. For the first time this year,

SYF is giving anyone the opportunity to enjoy three and a half full days of music - whether or not you’re attending any other sessions. The new Kirtan Pass gives you access to everything that’s happening on the Kirtan Stage, including Girish, Wah. And Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band. And, for those of you who are still fizzing with energy when the day is done: after-hours dance parties led by world-class DJs Marques Wyatt (Saturday) and Crisanto Santa Ana (Friday) will be open to all.

SYF2020 is a Zero Waste event? So, in addition to offering compost, recycling and waste bins to recover as much material as possible, they also aim to keep SYF free of all plastic bottles. The event encourages everyone to bring a vessel to refill at our hydration stations, and will have beautiful water bottles for filling and drinking on the festival grounds.

There are also zero waste kits available (including bamboo utensils, reusable drinking vessels, shopping bags, and straws) so you can begin to lower your reliance on single-use materials.  

Finally, for those who can’t get enough of Sedona Yoga Festival - or might not be able to take that much time off to enjoy the whole event, there wil be a post-conference immersion? Do a pranayamic deep-dive with Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian, or take a day-long pranic journey with Saul David Raye. Enter the vortex with shaman Anahata Ananda, or devote an entire day to self-care with Wah. There is even a special immersions dedicated to navigating changes in the body, with renowned teachers Desiree Rumbaugh.

For Titus, the balance of deep inward focus and profound outward connection is both intentional and essential to the festival’s big-picture intention.

“There’s never been a more critical time to come together,” she says, “and there will never be a more powerful place to do this than Sedona. Yes, evolution can be a deeply personal process. But it’s also supported, empowered and amplified by community. That’s what keeps people coming back - and why we keep doing what we do.”

One final note: in keeping with SYF2020’s theme of evolution, Titus also hinted that the Festival was on the brink of several yet-to-be-announced launches, so it seems even more growth is on the horizon. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming months! 

Registration for Sedona Yoga Festival 2020: Accelerate Your Evolution is now open. Anyone is invited to stop by throughout the weekend for single events, to enjoy the conscious expo, drop off the kids to enjoy all day Kids Yoga, or nosh on the food vendor offerings.

This year, yogi-minis ages 6–13 have a colorful spectrum of classes and experiences to explore - including acro yoga, yoga dance, yoga nidra, nature walks, meditation, music, art and so much more. A compassionate, fun-loving team of accomplished kids’ yoga teachers will practice and play with your little ones while you get your asana on with your adult peers.

The hour-long classes run Friday through Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with mats and other materials provided. Supervision is constant; just send your kiddos with water and snacks.