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NEW MUSIC: Basia Bulat – Are You in Love?

Basia Bulat – Are You in Love?

Basia Bulat – Are You in Love?

Originally Published: March 25, 2020 8:33 a.m.

Secret City Records

Oh why didn’t I just listen to myself in the first place, Basia Bulat says. Somewhere in the middle of making her fifth album, Bulat took almost a whole year off.

Because she had fallen in love, because her father died, because she had lost her sense of beauty and where it might be hidden.

The desert exposes you, she admits. There’s nowhere to hide. Throughout this whole record, I was struggling between keeping it together and letting go, she explains, between holding onto old narratives or accepting what’s before me.

There was death and grief, but also forgiveness, reinvention and love: coming to terms with the past and acceptance of the present and trying to stay open to the future. The result is an album that’s gorgeous and startling, quietly strange, a shining desert record with a bit of dusty rose over all its 13 tracks.

Tracks include: Are You in Love?, Electric Roses, Your Girl, Light Years, Homesick, Hall of Mirrors, I Believe it Now, No Control, Pale Blue, Already Forgiven, The Last Time, Fables, Love is at the End of the World.