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"The Song of Names" on DVD

Luke Doyle in The Song of Names

Luke Doyle in The Song of Names

Originally Published: March 25, 2020 9:11 a.m.

Sony Pictures Classics

Director: François Girard

Writers: Norman Lebrecht, Jeffrey Caine

Producers: Nick Hirschkorn, Lyse Lafontaine, Robert Lantos, et. al.

Cast: Saul Rubinek, Catherine McCormack, Clive Owen, et. al.

“The Song of Names” is a film with Clive Owen and Tim Roth elegantly directed by Francois Girard.

It tells the story of two young boys who develop a friendship over a shared love of music.

Young Polish violin prodigy Dovidl Rapoport comes to live with the family of Martin Simmonds in the days preceding the German bombings of London, England during WWII.

The story continues showing different periods of Dovidl and Martin’s lives from adolescence to mature adulthood.

With the excellent acting, screenplay by Jeffrey Caine and Girard’s conscientious direction, the film is a gift to the viewing public.

Rated PG for thematic material.