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My Turn: Best way you can help is to follow governor’s executive order and CDC recommendations

Charlie German

Charlie German

To the citizens of Camp Verde: First I want to say thank you for the way in which you have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic that has literally turned our nation, state and county upside down.

For the past almost three weeks, information has been flying, meetings postponed then canceled, questions flying here and there about this and rumors about that. I am sure your world has been very hectic and filled with concerns about safety, jobs, businesses, shopping, managing child care with the schools closing and certainly many other concerns.

Camp Verde town manager and staff along with myself have been working hard to keep the town functioning as close to normal as possible and yet make the safety procedures for the staff as well as our citizens our highest priority while following the CDC’s recommendations as well as the governor’s executive orders.

Now that the legislature has adjourned, we know more about the readiness of the nation, state and county we can share with you what we have been doing.

In addition to monitoring and developing information to be posted on by the town staff, your mayor has also been involved with information from “Zoom” meetings at the state level, county level as well as meetings involving the Verde Valley elected officials concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been difficult to nail down as accurately as possible with all of the information coming out of so many places.

I want to take a few minutes to share that conducting business as usual has changed dramatically, especially as you visit grocery stores, hardware stores and yes even our restaurants. Even our council meetings have moved to being done electronically and yet everyone can follow the directions covered by the news media on how you may participate in those meetings.

Should you have questions about council meetings, you can call the Town Clerk’s Office at 928-554-0023 to have them answered.

Through the meetings with the governor’s office, the Yavapai County supervisors’ meetings and information coming from the Yavapai County Office of Emergency Management we have attempted to post current critical and safety information for citizens on

What I have discovered within the past three weeks is that it is difficult to get information out quickly to the masses within our boundaries. It would be most helpful if citizens were willing to share their contact information with the town, which includes the person’s name, e-mail and/or phone number or cell number. That maybe something we need to establish within the town for our own emergency management operations.

None the less, there is a phone bank operational from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the Emergency Management Office in Prescott. The number is 928-442-5103, where your questions about the COVID-19 may be answered.

Camp Verde Town will attempt to post as much information that is accurate and complies with the directives, executive orders, CDC recommendations and the collective information passed to us through the Yavapai County Emergency Management Office from sources that involve food supplies, health care supplies, testing availability, and the latest cases that are of record within Yavapai County, while protecting patients’ HIPAA rights.

Finally, as Camp Verde mayor let me assure you that it is critical for you to continue to follow the CDC’s safety recommendations that include washing your hands often and social distancing.

Also, please relax with the confidence that there are so many professionals as first responders, health care professionals including doctors and nurses who are committed to serving you with your needs while trying to be as safe as they possibly can as they provide that service.

The best way to continue thanking them all is to comply with the safety precautions that we have been given to follow. Supplies of needed medical materials is being appropriated, delivered and strategically placed by those who have the professional knowledge to make those decisions.

The Department of Emergency Military Affairs has been activated to assist the Grocery Chains in bringing food supplies to the stores as well as assisting with the stocking process. Checking with Bashas’ manager Gregg Elmer he has stated that we will have those trucks and personnel delivering this coming week.

In closing, again thank you for your compliance with the directives, utilize the contacts listed above if you need information, or contact Town Hall and please for your own safety and information consider a subscription on line with the newspaper of your choice to stay informed and to plan your own safety precautions as we all contribute our part in keeping ourselves and others safe by maintain good hygiene and social distancing.

I hope we can still be contagious with our smiles and greeting to each other as we try to get through this difficult time for us all.

Best to you all and stay safe as we continue to serve you.

Charlie German is the mayor of Camp Verde

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