Tue, Aug. 11

Commentary: All Arizonans in same pandemic storm, but not same boat

Camp Verde Mayor Charlie German

Camp Verde Mayor Charlie German

First, thank you Camp Verde and to all in the Verde Valley who have observed the common-sense CDC guidelines. Camp Verde continues to follow the Governor’s Executive Orders including the latest extension to May 15. The driving force on businesses opening or reopening is the governor and state healthcare officials.

I want to recognize that we are all in this same pandemic storm, however, as many have already observed … we are not all in the same boat. So it is my belief that our citizens need to know that town services are continuing to be restricted with the stay-at-home order in place through May 15. What everyone should know is the town has been filtering and selecting the most pertinent COVID-19 related information and posting it on the Town of Camp Verde Facebook site. As mayor, I have received information on a daily basis and forwarding that information to others including our own staff.

Our Economic Development Department sent an initial letter almost two months ago to over 400 businesses operating within the boundaries of Camp Verde. This information cited resources and procedures concerning the Small Business Administration loans available to the small businesses; information about the CARES Act; and other information concerning legislation and regulation changes that would be important to businesses. Camp Verde as Mayor, I have not been communicating detailed information regarding how we would re-energize our economy because the information about reopening was recently released by the Governor. There have been multiple requests from other municipalities, community leaders and even officials at the county level asking for clarity on limitations and procedures.

We are beginning to get that information including testing, protective equipment and sanitation supplies and sources for everyone’s access to purchase. I have resisted the urge to put out the latest information about these issues because information has so often changed. I would rather not be the first with information, but rather be accurate and reliable. Misinformation does not benefit anyone. So, we have communicated directly with almost 400 businesses with an initial letter and regular e-blasts giving information considered important to make informed business decisions.

I want to assure you the town is working on a planned, safe and staged re-opening of our Town utilizing the best practices which are being employed by businesses which are open and for those looking to re-open. It is our objective to share that plan on May 18 after the expiration on May 15 of the extension of the Executive Order to stay at home and the opening of certain businesses.

Additionally, it would be helpful if businesses would contact the Community Development Department at 928-554-0008 if they have concerns about the lack of resources of protective equipment, sanitation supplies, availability of testing for their employees and other supplies they would anticipate needing in order to re-open their business. The town could share our sources and/or take those concerns all the way to the County Office of Emergency Management to make sure that those resources could be added to the supply chain requests.

In closing, we will get through this dangerous and concerning time. Keep in mind we each need to be responsible for our safety and practicing safe guidelines for hygiene and social distancing and remembering the safety of those who are the most vulnerable among, us especially the elderly. Let’s look out for those in need as well.

Thank you for demonstrating your concern and support for all of our citizens.

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