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Mountain Trails Gallery at Tlaquepaque partners with Sedona: Safe. Clean. Ready program

When House Calls Were on Horseback by Curt Mattson, bronze, 16”H x 18”W x 6”D

When House Calls Were on Horseback by Curt Mattson, bronze, 16”H x 18”W x 6”D

Originally Published: May 26, 2020 11:09 a.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery, in coordination with Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, is proud to announce that the gallery is a participant in the City of Sedona and Chamber of Commerce’s “Sedona: Safe. Clean. Ready” program and is now open daily 11 a.m. to 5 p,m.

“We are definitely ready to receive our wonderful visitors and treasured locals,” spoke Julie R. Williams, director of Mountain Trails Gallery. “This voluntary standards program prioritizes the safety of Sedona’s employees, customers and community as it adds even more safety standards and practices for ensuring that our businesses, employees and other residents are using enhanced and best practices as we welcome our valued collectors and visitors as responsible participants. We are open and ready to offer the very best of traditional and contemporary fine art which clearly uplifts the human spirit.”

When challenges occur, as the world has been witness to in the past months, one experiences a variety of responses to these obstacles and new demands.

Julie Williams, along with her two daughters Olivia and Josie, went into production mode and made hundreds of masks for Tlaquepaque employees and others. From fabrics collected over the years, the Williams family made these masks with a variety of subtle to bright and colorful patterns, all with the intention of offering a cheerful response to the conditions at hand.

Mountain Trails Gallery accepted the challenge and is pleased to announce a new website (www.mountaintrailssedona.com) which highlights the dynamic nature of their 50 award-winning fine artists and shows the variety of subject matter, materials, styles, and techniques all displayed in a more immediate and interactive fashion. As each of the gallery artists adapted to challenges, some of their most compelling works of art are now available on the new website.

Mountain Trails Gallery has resumed its monthly exhibitions, beginning with “Native Impressions: Ancient and Contemporary” which opens on Friday, June 5, featuring painting, sculpture, and mixed media which highlight the variety of tribes and pueblos in Native Americans from the West.

The artwork focuses on cultural objects, ceremonies, events, and powwow activities from history as well as today.

Commenting on the artists and new exhibition, Julie Williams added, “The rich history and culture of our area and the West has so many layers of depth and fascinating information. We are delighted with the remarkable works of art that reflect the wonder and mystery of our Native American cultures. Our artists continue to command our attention with new ideas and expressions as they capture the aesthetic traditions of these ancient and contemporary cultures.”

Also featured and available are new works of art detailing Western stories, wildlife, and landscapes by gallery artists, including new sculpture by Susan Kliewer, Bryce Pettit, Raymond Gibby, and Curt Mattson, as well as new paintings by Lisa Danielle, Gregory Stocks, Betty Carr, Howard Carr, Bill Cramer, Linda Glover Gooch, Marcia Molnar, and more.

Mountain Trails Gallery is located in the Las Campanas Courtyard at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, upstairs balcony next to Toy Town, Suite A201, 336 S.R. 179, Sedona.

For additional information on gallery protocols, exhibitions, or any of their award-winning artists, contact the gallery at (928) 282-3225 fineart@mountaintrailssedona.com or to view additional works on their website atmountaintrailssedona.com.