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Marie Rolf of Sedona is El Valle Artist of the Month for October 2020

Marie Rolf

Marie Rolf

Originally Published: November 3, 2020 11:40 a.m.

Marie Rolf has been selected as the October Artist of the Month by the members of El Valle Artist Association (EVAA).

Marie has been a nurse for 39 years. Her specialty was labor and delivery and she became a nursing professor in 2007. She retired in 2015 to live in Sedona with husband Stan.

“ I love the challenge of watercolor painting and now that I work only part-time as an adjunct professor, this allows me the time to be the teacher and art pupil in the same individual. “

After graduating from high school, she wanted to become an artist. She was invited to live and start her first year at college in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1975-76, at a small all-girls Catholic school where we studied all forms of art to prepare for our future profession.

“I knew after that year I needed a profession that would allow me to have a stable income and I went back home to California to study for a nursing degree. I finished with a diploma in nursing, a bachelor of nursing, master of nursing and a doctorate in education. During my schooling I always filled my humanity requirements with all kinds of art courses receiving a minor in art from Cal State University system.”

Marie believes “Nursing and artists are similar in that they share some of the same fundamental values that help us create our art: compassion, humanity, empathy, creativity and expression. Nursing is a very intense profession with long hours, and we are selfless caretakers of others often forgetting to take care of ourselves. Retiring to Sedona has been a wonderful blessing for my husband and me. I have learned to take the time now to live life to the fullest, unwind, replenish the soul and get lost in the beauty and mediation of the art of creating. “Her other hobbies besides art include hiking, fishing, traveling, all kinds of animals especially dogs, yoga, weightlifting, and integrative health options and alternatives. Most of all she loves family and friends, mindful of every moment enjoying life.”

The Artist of the Month’s work is exhibited at the Cottonwood Library where EVAA has an ongoing exhibit. For more information about El Valle Artists Association visit elvalleartists.org or attend their next meeting on Nov 12 at 1 p.m. at the Pine Shadows Club House located at 2050 W. State Route 89A, Cottonwood, AZ. Guests are always welcome. Please wear masks and social distancing practices will be observed.