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Big Park Community Council meets Oct. 8

Camille Cox

Camille Cox

The next meeting will be Oct. 8, 9 a.m., via Zoom. As always, you are invited. My initial trepidation over Zoom meetings has transformed to enthusiasm as we become more skilled with the new format.

The representatives will be voting on a couple of measures intended to help broaden community participation, making it possible for more volunteers to play a role in council leadership and activity.

The month-by-month bylaws review presentations are proving to be interesting and amazingly efficient. Our Articles of Incorporation provide the basic structure of the council and the bylaws define its structure and processes. 

The purpose of this review is to update our organization to more effectively represent and respond to the needs of the Big Park community.

October topics will touch on Purpose, Membership, Representation and the Executive Board. If you are curious about the why, what, where and who of the Big Park Council – this would be a great meeting to join in and listen.

A reminder that the Planning & Zoning Committee meetings are the 4th Friday of the month, via Zoom. The agenda is posted early on the week of the meeting.

Here to serve the Village

For many in our community, the time of Covid has brought disruption, loss and isolation. The purpose of the BPRCC is to understand and address issues and problems that impact the Big Park Region. If you are aware of opportunities or challenges that we might collectively consider and act upon, let us know. (

Recap of Sept. 10 meeting

Mike Ryan was elected chairman of the Nominating Committee. Those interested in serving on the committee or nominating someone for a 2021 officer position should email Secretary Phil Feiner (

Community Plan Committee Chair Camille Cox and member David Gill met with the director of ASU’s Design Studio for Community Solutions (worth checking out) in August to explore the possibility of support for the VOC plan development. The concept of collaboration with this group will be advanced when the full committee meets next.

The council unanimously voted to amend the current bylaws to allow electronic meetings and electronic voting. You can always find the current version of the bylaws on the website.

Co-Chair Mary Pope presented the results of a council member survey on possible adjustments to the current bylaws that would enable a deeper pool of eligible candidates for the offices of secretary and treasurer, and also to serve on the Nominating Committee.

Results indicated that the council favors expanding the candidate pool, as well as moving the appointment of the Nominating Committee from October to September, and the election of officers from December to November. The changes were formally noticed with discussion and voting planned for the October meeting.

Planning & Zoning Committee Chair Mary Morris reported that activity was increasing and the committee was monitoring commercial properties that are poised for development and redevelopment.

Bylaws Review Session: Co-chair Nancy Maples recapped the August meeting discussion and recommendations.

New topics included financial provisions, conflict of interest, indemnification, and amendment effective dates. A straw vote was taken on each measure and all were unanimously moved forward as recommended by the committee.

Here’s to cooler weather, economic vitality and neighborly kindness.

Camille Cox, President (

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