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Artists on deck in Camp Verde as monthly event geared toward connecting local artists with community

Karna Peck, former Camp Verde resident who now lives in Washington, painted this scene at the Artist on Deck event in September. Courtesy photo

Karna Peck, former Camp Verde resident who now lives in Washington, painted this scene at the Artist on Deck event in September. Courtesy photo

Originally Published: October 6, 2020 10 a.m.


Participants in September’s Artist on Deck event gather following the inaugural event. From left, artist Jeni O’Callaghan, Paul and Sheri Hauser of Glorybound Publishing, artist Karna Peck, Kenny New of Eagle Eye Barrels, artist/author Kevin Decker and artist/author Wayne Treptow. Photo courtesy Dean Peck

Growing a community’s art presence is one way to help grow a community’s economy.

Maybe Sheri Hauser didn’t actually say that. But the founder of Glorybound Publishing and a member of the Camp Verde Chamber and Business Alliance is helping grow Camp Verde’s art scene with a monthly activity called Artist on Deck.

A monthly event, Artist on Deck brings various Camp Verde artists to one location to create art and engage with the general public.

“There are a lot of awesome artists in the Camp Verde area and I am excited to gather them together and bring them out,” Hauser said. “Outside events are perfect on the cusp of the end of the COVID-19 lockdown.”

The first Artist on Deck gathering was held on Sept. 3 at Eagle Eye Barrels, off State Route 260. The next event is from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 7 at JT Bistro, downtown Camp Verde.

October’s artists include artist/musician Debora Christy Love, who will paint on black canvas, as well as author/artist Wayne Treptow, professional beadier Magi Woodward, Charlie and Teresa Favor of Main Street Studios, gourd artist Nora Graf, and photographer Bill Helm.

Hauser explained that each of this month’s artists will demonstrate their craft.

“The non-event is targeted to have artists actually doing something, not simply laying out merchandise for sale,” Hauser said.

Treptow will demonstrate rusted relic work using 90-year-old barbed wire and 50-year-old wood. Woodward will make hand beaded jewelry as she combines beads and magnets.

Artists on Deck

Hauser is more than a business woman. Not only does she own and operate Glorybound Publishing, she is a graphic artist who has designed book covers and books.

For Hauser, art runs in the family. Her sister, Karna Peck, was last month’s Artist on Deck visiting artist. Formerly a Camp Verde resident, Peck now lives a ferry ride from Seattle. At her home studio, Peck teaches watercolor painting, acrylic painting and drawing.

“Because of the state of the country, many people are feeling shut in, so I was happy to come and offer a therapy class to lighten the daunting mood of our countries,” said Peck, who has taught and painted for 55-plus years.

“This class is always fun. It starts with a black canvas, white paint, and a paper towel,” Peck said. “I had a lovely participant and we had fun painting together.”

Another artist who is part of a family of artists, Jeni O’Callaghan created an acrylic on metal piece at the September artists gathering, called “Saguaro Storm.”

“I liked meeting different artists and seeing different work,” O’Callaghan said. “Several of us created while there, the rest of those there were friends of the Wine Barrel owner and enjoyed one another.”

For more information about Artist on Deck, contact Sheri Hauser at 928-567-3340 or email sherihauser@yahoo.com.

JT Bistro is at 348 S. Main St. Artists will be on the restaurant’s deck that faces Main Street.