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Mountain Trails Gallery welcomes Wings & Wildlife artists

Soar by Marcia Molnar. (6 x 6 oil)

Soar by Marcia Molnar. (6 x 6 oil)

Originally Published: September 1, 2020 10:49 a.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery at Tlaquepaque in Sedona presents “The Nature of Things” featuring artists who are delighted to share their experiences with wildlife in their paintings, drawings, sculpture, and jewelry.

All the artwork by this noteworthy group of artists developed into a synergistic exhibition with the avian artist which joins together an exceptional selection of wings and wildlife subjects.

The gallery will also introduce western and wildlife artist Doyle Hostetler who captures the drama of the story he tells with a remarkable style of oil washed passages and striking essential marks that captures the essence of his subjects. Hostetler grew up in Colorado and spent time in Montana and Idaho before finding Arizona to be the perfect location for his Western inspiration.

The big cats of the West, hoofed animals of North American, and working ranches continue to call his name. Doyle Hostetler is driven by his guiding principles of discipline and hard-earned confidence, fueled by passion and vision, and with the gift of an impeccable eye and talent, all these fundamentals have brought this artist to the attention of a growing Western audience.

This compelling assembly of contemporary and traditional fine art showcases a group of award-winning artists whose focus includes a wide variety of styles and subject matter.

“The Nature of Things” is an invitation to explore the charisma of nature in the bronze wildlife sculptures of Mark Edward Adams, Bryce Pettit, and Raymond Gibby; the unique colored pencil animal paintings of Sandra Byland and the realism of Barbara Rudolph’s avian still lifes; the delicate watercolors and intense oils of Joe Garcia’s wildlife; the color-centric birds and domestic animals of Adele Earnshaw; the detailed desert flora and fauna of Jennifer O’Cualain’s animal portraits; the wildlife of the Grand Canyon paintings by Marcia Molnar; the character paintings of Michael Trcic’s chickens and the colorful plein air garden of birds by Betty Carr; as well as the domestic ranching sculpture of Deborah Copenhaver Fellows, Curt Mattson, and Susan Kliewer.

Also joining the wings and wildlife party is Western realists Vicki Catapano who presents her Aztec dancer in her native regalia showing off a pheasant feather headdress, as well as Lisa Danielle who presents her love of Native American history with a painting that shows how birds are important iconographic symbols in expressing the culture’s connection to all living things.

The nature of objects is explored in the paintings of New Zealand artist Shane Rebenschied who elevates simple everyday articles to objects of beauty and appreciation. Last but not least is the wildlife jewelry of Sandra Byland who creates sterling silver necklace cameos with paintings of her favorite critters, as well as bronze wildlife wine bottle stoppers by Bryce Pettit.

The public is invited to explore nature’s bounty at the opening reception on Friday, Sept. 4, from 4-7 p.m. and throughout the month of September at Mountain Trails Gallery located upstairs overlooking Patio de las Campanas in Tlaquepaque, 336 State Route 179, Suite A201, Sedona.

For more information, contact the gallery at 928-282-3225, online at mountaintrailssedona.com.