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Sedona Women celebrate ‘20 Years of Making a Difference’

The Sedona Women celebrates 20 Years of Making a Difference Sept. 9, marking two decades of friendship and service to the community.

The Sedona Women celebrates 20 Years of Making a Difference Sept. 9, marking two decades of friendship and service to the community.

Originally Published: September 1, 2020 11:07 a.m.

The Sedona Women celebrates “20 Years of Making a Difference” Sept. 9, marking two decades of friendship and service to the community.

“Making a Difference” is not just a slogan for this group of women. It goes to the core of every project, activity and gathering TSW members have enjoyed for the past 20 years.

When the group began in 2000, founder Helen Wolfe invited 30 women to her home with one thing in mind: Joining together to make a real difference in their beloved community of Sedona.

Twenty years later the group’s 200-plus members have built an outstanding reputation for community service and continue to provide a foundation for many lifelong friendships.

“We provide a framework that inspires action and that harnesses the collective power of a unique group of women,” said TSW President Rosemary Anderson. “Our common focus is the key to the success of our efforts.”

So how is today’s TSW still “Making a Difference?” It all begins with volunteerism. TSW is dedicated to community service projects that have benefited organizations such as the Sedona Food Bank, St. Andrews Dinners, Run Sedona, Big Brothers and Sisters, Rainbow Acres and many more. TSW also supports and collaborates with dynamic sister organizations -- Giving Angels, Sedona Kind, and NAZ Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

Additionally, TSW has helped to maintain Sedona’s character and beauty through community projects such as the Oak Creek Clean Up, Art in the Roundabouts and the Sedona Waterwise Alliance.

TSW is also “Making a Difference” by lifting up local women in our community through educational scholarships as they return to the workforce or seek new, enriching careers.

This year, the Helen Wolfe Scholarships have been awarded to ten inspiring recipients.

According to Scholarship Chair Jennifer Braaten, “these life changing scholarships focus on women who’ve had their education interrupted and have chosen education as a means to better their lives. The Sedona Women appreciate the profound impact of education and we know our scholarships make a difference in the lives of our recipients, the community and the world.”

Fundraising events in support of the Helen Wolfe Scholarships are held throughout the year and donations are always welcome through TSW’s website, thesedonawomen.com/scholarships

Members of TSW develop and participate in monthly educational programs of interest while encouraging a diversity of ideas through topics ranging from the arts to the environment -- all in a welcoming atmosphere where new connections and friendships are encouraged and celebrated.

“This year’s exciting 20th Anniversary programs will highlight the talents and accomplishments of our many dedicated members,” said Vice President and Programs Chair, Linda Scott. “While monthly program meetings are slated to take place at the Fellowship Hall at the Sedona United Methodist Church, this season’s meetings will begin virtually until it’s deemed safe to resume in-person gatherings.”

To join or learn more, visit thesedonawomen.com.