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Michael Trulson wins El Valle’s ‘Artist of the Month’

Hard Rain by Michael Trulson.  (EVAA/Courtesy)

Hard Rain by Michael Trulson. (EVAA/Courtesy)

Originally Published: August 10, 2021 3:47 p.m.

At its last meeting of 2020-2021 the El Valle Artist Association (EVAA) selected Michael Trulson as the Artist of the month for his painting: “Clean Energy,” according to a news release.

“Ever since I can remember, drawing and painting has held a place in my soul. I was always drawing in grade school, cartoons mainly. When art classes became electives in junior high and high school, I made sure I was enrolled in a class every semester. I enjoyed the biographies of the great masters,” Trulson said.

He enrolled at the Burnley School of Professional Art back in the early 1970’s. When life, marriage, children and a full time job became of paramount importance he put away the paints and tended to the task at hand.



Now 40 years later, he retired, and with lots of time to spare, it was time to get back into something he had always loved doing and that was painting.

He has painted in all different mediums, but watercolor was what he had finished with 40 years earlier so that is what he decided to jump back in with.

“My style is my own in as much as I do not emulate anyone, though I do study the masters and contemporary artists I try to do what comes naturally,” Trulson said.

Choosing Sedona as a place to retire was a perfect fit for him as artists abound and classes are abundant.

The Artist of the Month’s work is exhibited at the Cottonwood Library, 100 S. 6th St., where EVAA has an ongoing exhibit. Also, EVAA artists can now showcase their art for sale in the cases at the library. Stop by to view the artwork.

At that same meeting, EVAA approved the following slate of officers for the 2021-2022 year.

President: Anita McCann

Vice President, Workshops: Nadine Cummins

Vice President, Programs: Robin and Martin Hardy

Vice President, Membership: Jette Monahan

Secretary: Rita Bingham

Co-Treasurers: Judy Manocchia and Carolyn Carsula

EVAA will resume meetings on Sept. 9. Meetings are at 1 p.m. at the Pine Shadows Club House, 2050 W. State Route 89A, Cottonwood.

Each meeting’s agenda includes a business meeting, selection of the Artist of the Month and a workshop demo. EVAA artists can show their work at the Cottonwood Library, the Northern Arizona Rehab Center on Willard Street and Foothills Bank.

If you are an artist or interested in the arts, visit elvalleartists.org over the summer to learn more about the organization and watch for updates on our fall meeting schedule.

Information provided by the El Valle Artist Association.